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Congrats on completing a MSU Denver Skills Lab!

We hope you enjoyed the lab, and learned some valuable skills that can benefit your professional career. 

There is still much to be learned in the growing industries of data science, e-commerce, health and human services, and IT and cybersecurity. Below you will find additional information on related MSU Denver programs. 

Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences

  • Computer Science, B.S. - provides students with broad-based preparation in Computer Science with the appropriate supporting mathematics background.
  • Mathematics, B.S. - a degree in mathematics is valuable in a number of fields including, among many others, business, economics, computer science, government, education, technology, and science.
  • Statistical Science, B.S.  - A degree in Statistical Science is useful in a variety of professional fields including but not limited to biostatistics, health sciences, data science, business analytics, and econometrics. 

Department of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

  • Computer Information Systems, B.S. - offers a challenging education in both general business and modern technology that will allow you to become part of the fast-paced digital world. This is the only program in Colorado accredited by both AACSB and ABET, the world’s top accrediting agencies for business and engineering/technology/computing programs.
  • Business Intelligence, B.S. - The business world is producing mountains of data, and companies can't find enough people to help them turn data into actionable intelligence.

Department of Marketing

  • Marketing, B.S.  - Marketing is a core business function, helping to shapre and execute business strategy and drive overall success. MSU Denver areas of study include: e-commerce, promotional strategy, retail marketing, product distribution, marketing research, consumer behavior, and more.

Department of Psychological Sciences

  • Psychology, B.S. - In addition to research-focused opportunities, the psychology major at MSU Denver will give you a broad background in the field so that you not only graduate understanding research methods but also clinical, developmental and social approaches to psychology.
  • Human Development and Family Studies, B.A. - Human Development is an interdisciplinary degree program that combines the study of psychology, sociology, education and other disciplines to give you an understanding of human development from infancy through old age.

Department of Health Professions

  • Health Care Information Systems, B.S. - Working with administrators, doctors and nurses, professionals in Health Care Information Systems need a diverse and specialized skill set. At MSU Denver, you will gain hands-on experience in network and database administration, clinical information systems and electronic medical records, and data querying and analysis, particularly related to the health care industry.
  • Health Care Management, B.S. - Today’s health care industry needs professionals who not only have the knowledge and skills to deliver medical and health care services but can also address these demands using strategic planning, technology and collaboration. MSU Denver’s Health Care Management undergraduate degree helps fill this need.
  • Health Care professional Services, B.S. - Health care professionals help decrease disparities in health among diverse populations to create a nation that’s living longer and healthier. With a Health Care Professional Services undergraduate degree, you can play a leadership role in this by preparing to work in health care-related organizations or to pursue graduate-level studies in health care.
  • Integrative Health Care, B.S. - The first program of its kind in the country, MSU Denver’s Integrative Health Care provides a broad, comprehensive understanding of health and wellness through evidence-based teaching and practices that combine conventional and traditional medicine.
  • Master of Health Administration, M.H.A. - The MHA program prepares students to lead rewarding careers in health care. With the intense growth of the health care industry, educated leaders are in constant demand. 

Department of Human Services & Counseling

  • Human Services, B.S. - Human Services is the art and science of helping people. And as such, MSU Denver combines extensive hands-on experience with challenging academics so you develop into a competent and compassionate professional.

Department of Social Work

  • Social Work, B.S. - Social Work is an exciting academic major, preparing students for professional entry-level work in the social and human services. Students in the major engage in the exploration of ways to ameliorate personal, interpersonal, and societal problems and learn skills and techniques in order to create change and make a difference in people’s lives. 
  • Master of Social Work, M.S.W - The mission of the program is to educate social work leaders committed to enhancing individual and community well-being as well as advancing social justice.  The program promotes the values and work of the profession, through teaching, service, research and collaboration.
  • Cybersecurity, B.S. - Everything in the digital world is constantly changing, including the ways criminals operate. Computers are the new weapons and the sinister ways they are being used are becoming harder and harder to track. With a degree in Cybersecurity from MSU Denver, you'll have all the training and expertise needed for a challenging, rewarding and secure career. 
  • Master in Cybersecurity, M.S. - The United States is facing an increasing vulnerability of a wide range of risk stemming from cyber-attacks.
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