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SGA Committee Representation

Our elected SGA members on top of their role sit on multiple committees throughout MSU Denver to ensure the student's voice is represented within those committees.


Braedan Weart, President

  • President's Cabinet
  • Office of Enrollment and Retention Task Force
  • Budget Task Force
  • Student Affairs Student Advisory Board


Stephanie Braun, Vice President

  • Student Affairs Board (SAB)
  • Student Affairs Student Advisory Board


Aluara Ward, Student Trustee

  • MSU Denver's Board of Trustees
  • Sustainable Racial Justice Committee
  • Student Affairs Student Advisory Board


Dominique Perez, SACAB Representative

  • Chair of Food Service Advisory Committee (AHEC) 


Birungi Balijahe, SACAB Representative


Maryan Issack, Student Senator  


Sheldon E. SolĂ­s-Manus


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