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Danielle Holmes

President's Cabinet

Office of Enrollment and Retention Task Force

Budget Task Force

Student Affairs Student Advisory Board

Black Board Review Committee

Grade Review Committee 


Braedan Weart

Student Affairs Board 

Academic Policy Committee 

Student Affairs Student Advisory Board

Budget Task Force

Bylaws Committee

Pay-rate Committee


Tasnim Fatema

Writing Center Committee


Adetilewa Awosanya

MSU Board of Trustees

$afe Committee

Student Organization Council

Strategic Planning Committee 

Student Affairs Student Advisory Board


Maly Mendieta

Grade Review Committee 

Homecoming Committee 

Reprogramming Task Force

Auraria Hunger and Homelessness Awareness

Elections Committee


Sitina Sado

Food Service Advisory Committee


Aluara Ward

Auraria Library Board


Adam Biel 

Pay Rate Committee

Media Voice Committee

Advertising Point Person

Blackboard Review Committee


Logan Debyle

Auraria Library Board

Parking Point Person

Communication Committee


Daniel Dudley 

Student Travel Committee

Campus Event Funding Committee


Sarah Balijahe

The Board of Student Media 

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