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Service Learning Student Ambassadors

Call for Service Learning Ambassadors

Service to others is essential now more than ever if we are truly going to transform lives. As a service learning Ambassador, students will gain competitive leadership skills, brainstorm student engagement strategies, and help identify effective resources and support for faculty. This is your opportunity to help create an innovative program and shape the future of service learning for MSU Denver students. Interested students are encouraged to apply here Service Learning Ambassador application or contact their professors for more information.

Student Benefits:

The Service Learning Ambassador role is an unpaid position that requires approximately 10 hours of commitment for the semester. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their passion for service and learning, and gain valuable leadership and program development skills to add to their resumes.


Any student who has previously taken or is currently enrolled in a Service Learning course may apply. We want students who are serious about developing a program that will inspire future service learning students!


  • Develop relationships with students and promote Service Learning among students and faculty.
  • Participate in one faculty Advisory Council meeting per semester.
  • Advocate the new mission and vision of service learning at 2 campus-wide events.
  • Identify campus-wide initiatives, activities, and programs that complement Service Learning Ambassador goals.
  • Present your individual service learning project and ambassador role at any academic conference, showcase, or on campus event.
  • Outline goals and recommendations for the next wave of Service Learning Ambassadors.
  • Enhance our service learning social media presence.


Apply Now. Service Learning Ambassador application

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