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Digital Measures FAQs for community based classes and research

How can I add my service learning classes to Digital Measures?

In the Teaching section, click on Scheduled Teaching.  

  • Open your course.
  • Scroll down to Annotations and Supporting Documentation section (about the middle of the page)
  • The help window has a definition of community engagement
  • Slightly farther down the page, there is a section to add information about community partners for service learning and number of students involved with the partner

How can I add community based research to Digital Measures?

There is currently no option for listing community based research (unless it is sponsored or funded research).

Can I add community based research or advocacy to the Service section in Digital Measures?

There are no options for community based research or advocacy. You will have to select “committee member” or “other,” or whatever seems to best describe the collaboration.

For more information visit the Bragging Rights page.

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