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Community-based Research Fellows

How is the CBRFP structured?

Faculty-initiated funding application

The CBRF Program is a competitive program with a faculty-initiated application process.  Faculty members identify community partners and student researchers at the time of application.  Applications indicate how the CBR project contributes to the faculty member’s scholarship, deepens the student’s learning, and builds the community partner’s capacity.  Applications will also include a written endorsement from the community partner, along with a project description, standard IRB approvals (if applicable) and a budget request.

CBR faculty development

 Because faculty and students may not be familiar – or initially comfortable – with the principles and practices of CBR as a research approach, faculty development and networking opportunities will be provided. 

Guided, critical reflection

 Although preparation for their CBR experiences is crucial, students must also be given the opportunity to reflect critically upon those experiences in order to learn from them.  Therefore, on-campus lunch gatherings will be scheduled for students.  During these gatherings, students will share not only the progress they have made on their research projects, but also their reactions to the CBR process and what it means for their own development as inquirers.  The CBRF Program administrator (the Service Learning Specialist) will facilitate the gatherings.

Public dissemination and celebration

 CBR fellows will be expected to present their work at the Undergraduate Research Conference or a relevant professional development conference at the end of Spring semester.


How will the CBRFP be funded?

Each of four CBR teams will receive a maximum award of $1,250: $1,000 for a student stipend and $250 for research project expenses. 

Application Deadline:

Deadlines are fluid for AY 2020-2021.  Applications will be reviewed and fellows will be notified in the order received. Additional grant applications may be considered if all funds have not been awarded during the initial cycles. 

Application Process:

Information on the fellows program and the application can be found on our SharePoint site.

Please submit your application electronically to Lori McKinney

Institutional Review Board

Have questions about whether your project needs Human Subject Protection approval from the IRB? Contact them - they're really helpful!

If you have any other questions about the Community-based Research Fellows Program, please contact Lori McKinney Service Learning Specialist


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