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Service Learning info for Community Partners


Community organizations have offered their suggestions for successful partnerships. Several resources are listed below.

 Principles of Good Community-Campus Partnerships (From Campus-Community Partnerships for Health) 

  1. Partners have agreed upon mission, values, goals, and measurable outcomes for the partnership.
  2. The relationship between partners is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness, and commitment.
  3. The partnership builds upon identified strengths an assets, but also addresses areas that need improvement.
  4. The partnership balances power among partners and enables resources among partners to be shared.
  5. There is a clear, open and accessible communication between partners, making it an ongoing priority to listen to each need, develop a common language, and validate/clarify the meaning of terms.
  6. Roles, norms, and processes for the partnership are established with the input and agreement of all partners.
  7. There is feedback to, among, and from all stakeholders in the partnership, with the goals of continuously improving the partnership and its outcomes.
  8. Partners share the credit for the partnership's accomplishments.
  9. Partnerships take time to develop and evolve over time.

Community Partner Service Learning Handbook  - MSU Denver handbook.

Community Standards for Service Learning - this is a good summary in a brief "leaflet" format.

Connecting Communities with Colleges and Universities - this is a longer document for those of you who want a deeper dive.


If you would like to post a service learning placement, please visit our Career Link page and follow the same steps as employers. There is a specific menu item for "service learning placement." (You will be most successful finding the right students if you give some details about the responsibilities and in what part of the metro area your organization is located.)

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