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Training / Mentoring

Click on the following topics below for supervisor resources on training and mentoring student employees.

All student employees must take both the Sexual Harassment Training and Americans with Disability Act Awareness Training modules within 30 days of hire. Students should print off the certificates for both tests, print their name on the certificates, sign them, and fax them to Human Resources at 303-556-5151. The certificates are placed in their employment files. Agencies should make time for students to take these tests. Below is the link to the require and additional trainings that are available for student employees.


Required Trainings

  •  Sexual Harassment Training
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Awareness Training


Information Technology Trainings

  • Banner Basics
  • Site Manager

As a supervisor you also act as a mentor. Remember when training a student employee you are encouraging the student to achieve a professional work experience that will benefit them when they graduate. As a mentor you should assist the student employees with understanding the value of each assignment and how their work contributes to the goals and productivity of the department. If student employees take ownership in what they are doing, the quality of work and dedication to your department will be invaluable. Many times supervisors do not give their student employees enough respect or they underestimate their abilities. They are a valuable part of the MSU Denver team and should always be treated with the respect. 

  1. Be willing to commit the necessary time to training a student employee. 

  2. Do not overload them with information at the very beginning. Provide them with information that affects their current job. It is also a good idea to have a senior work-study mentor the new employee for a brief time. 

  3. Give the student a brief overview of the department, its organization, structure and purpose. Give them a tour and tell them where:

  4. Let the student know what the rules and regulations are for your department and the University in general:

  5. Train the student employee on the tools they will need in their job:

  6. Find out what they already know so you do not waste valuable time.

  7. If not yourself, have someone on-hand to help the student as much as possible during the first week or so; someone with whom a student can freely ask questions of at any time.

Listed below is an example checklist for supervisors to discuss with their student employee.

Example Checklist for Supervisors

  • Supervisors should express their appreciation for the hard work of their student employees.

  • Make student employees feel important and a valuable part of the team.

  • Outline procedures and expectations clearly.

  • Set a positive example of professional, ethical, and polite behavior.

  • Give student employees the tools they need to succeed.

  • Treat the student employees as you would want to be treated.

  • Be firm, yet flexible.

  • Be considerate, supportive and sensitive to the student's personal and academic needs.

  • Have regular staff meetings with the student employees to let them know what is going on in the department that may affect them.

  • Give special recognition to graduating students.

  • Address problems as they arise do not let them fester and grow.

  • Offer reduced hours during finals, midterms and papers.

  • Please remember student employees are students first. If a conflict arises between their job and their academics, academics come first and foremost.

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