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Hourly Employment


Hourly employment is for students who are paid 100% from departmental, grant or foundation funds.


New Employees - Please complete the Following Steps

Please use Microsoft Lens to take pictures of your I-9 documentation, voided check or for other pertinent information. Please also remember to submit all new-hire documentation and accompanying information securely though Liquidfiles. Please Do Not Email. Thank you.   

PLEASE NOTE: Some documents will require that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Download and install the FREE Adobe Reader for Macintosh or Windows.

Please take a look at our How-To instructions below:

Microsoft Lens 

Please see attached video on how to insert signatures in Adobe Reader DC:

How to insert signatures in Adobe Reader

1. Completion of the University's Background Check 

  • Register for Student Employment Background Check Registration through the Student Employment Calendar 
  • The SE Team will initiate an email from HireRight Customer Support using the email address provided in your registration information.  
  • Follow the steps in the email to complete and submit the authorization form.  

2. Complete the I-9 - Employment Verification Form 

3. Complete the employment paperwork 

  • Student Hourly Employees, please complete the New Employee packet
  • International Student Employees, please complete the International Student Employee Packet 

4. Submit your completed packet via the SE Team Liquid Files Dropbox  - 

  • Include the following support documents 
    • Class Schedule - detailed view showing credit hours from Student Hub
      • During the Fall and Spring semesters, student employees must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours (unless it is the last semester before the student graduates).
      • During the the summer, student hourly employees may be below this requirement but must submit proof of registration for the fall.
        • Students who are below the minimum of 6 credits hours in the summer will be automatically be enrolled in the Student Employment Retirement Plan (SERP). (Exceptions are given to students taking less than 6 credit hours in the last semester before graduation. Please inform HR if this is the case.
    • Direct Deposit Enrollment 
        • A voided check or a letter from the bank with the routing and account numbers must be provided 
          • Bank statements or deposit slips are not valid
    • Provide the acceptable forms of identification to verify employment. 
      • To accommodate telecommuting and physical proximity precautions we are currently remotely verifying and accepting copies.   
      • Once campus reopens you will be required to bring the physical form of ID into the HR Office. 
      • Click below to view the list of acceptable documents.

5. You will recieve a confirmation email with your eligible start date. You may not start or attend any meetings or trainings until this has been received.  

Supervisors - Complete the Supervisor Packet

1. Please complete the following on the Student Employment Form

  • Enrollment Information
  • Supervisor/Department Information
  • Start & End Dates - NOTE: Students are not allowed to work until authorized by HR
  • Payment Information
    • FOAP
    • Rate of Pay including Level and Step
  • Sign and obtain the students signature and other necessary signatures

2. Please complete all sections and obtain the student’s signature on the Position Description Form

3. Submit by using the Student Employment Liquid Files Drop Box Link - 

4. Your new student employee may not start or attend any meetings or trainings until you recieve the confirmation email with their eligible start date. 

First Day of Work and Next Steps

After you have received the confirmation email with your eligible start date, you will need to set your work-schedule with your supervisor.

First day of work - please watch the following 3 videos regarding the timesheet process and key points in the Student Employment Handbook. 





After watching the videos please take our brief quiz and review your answers with your supervisor.  Video Quiz 

First week of work - familiarize yourself with the Student Employment Portal and the Student Resources and Timesheets sections.  

First 30 days of work - you will need to complete the "Required University Trainings".  The Office of Equal Opportuntity will send a notification when you have been given acces to the trainings.  


Continuing Employees 

Supervisors - please submit an ePAF for the following actions: 

  • To extend your current employees jobs for the next semester.
  • To activate an position for split assigments, tranferring students, adding an hourly or work-study position. 
  • To reactivate a work-study position or an hourly position that the student had in a previous semester
  • LABOR - FOAPAL changes 
  • Supervisor Changes 
  • Pay Increases 

For more information and training guides please visit the ePAF section of the HR website - ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Forms)

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