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Education and Prevention

The safety and well-being of University community members is a top priority.  To that end, the University provides initial and ongoing training to staff, faculty, and students on issues related to campus safety, crime and discrimination.

Visit the support section of this site to find links to campus programs and services that provide resources, training and education on health, mental health and victim’s services.  Additionally, check out these resources on this site: Terms and definitions related to student conduct and Title IX, bystander intervention information and a PowerPoint training, healthy relationships and risk reduction.

The University is working to implement additional training in areas related to bystander intervention, knowing your rights under federal education laws and risk reduction. Additionally, the University provides training for staff that investigate incidents related to sexual misconduct, interpersonal violence and code of conduct violations. Watch this site for updates about scheduled trainings or contact us to request a specific training to meet your needs and schedule.

MSU Denver's Human Resources department also offers periodic trainings that address issues related to safety. For current offerings visit their training site.

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