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Roadrunners Safe Return Committee

This representative Universitywide team facilitated the limited return to campus for fall 2020 and is ensuring that plans for spring 2021 are coordinated, collaborative and well communicated.   

The committee has four primary charges:

  1. To provide the MSU Denver community with points of contact in their respective areas, so that all Roadrunners can plug in to the process as needed.
  2. To provide clear direction to/from other campus working groups/sub-committees on what information, deliverables and decisions are needed, and by when, in order for students, faculty and staff to return to campus.

  3. To track all deliverables identified by the committee to completion.

  4. To summarize pertinent information for the University’s Senior Leadership Team, so they can make informed, inclusive and timely decisions.

Meet the team



Leone Dick – Chair   


Ryan Moody – Administrative support 

Andy Traver – Advisor

Mark Wilson – Coordinator


Team Auraria 

Sharon Lorince – Auraria Committee liaison for Facilities and Operations*

Steve Monaco – Auraria Committee liaison for Health and Medical

Mark Wilson – Auraria Committee liaison for Emergency Management


Infrastructure team 

John Kietzmann – Athletics liaison

Cora Potter – Events liaison

Alex Staneski – Executing Face-to-Face Courses Committee liaison*

Kevin Taylor – Information Technology liaison

Diane Yee – Facilitating the ambassador program


Strategy and communications team 

Katia Campbell – Faculty Senate executive committee advisory group liaison

Christian Hardigree – Futures Team liaison

Jamie Hurst – Advancement/alumni liaison

Rebecca Reid – Staff Senate liaison

Dan Vaccaro – Brand/reputation/communication liaison*

Braeden Weart – Student-voice liaison


Academic team 

Andrew Bonham – Chairs liaison

Carrie Colton – Faculty liaison

Ibon Izurieta and Hope N. Szypulski – Deans liaisons*


Student support team 

Juan Gallegos – Virtual Student Engagement Guiding Coalition liaison and Student Life liaison

Matt Griswold – Canvas Implementation Committee liaison and Online Learning liaison

Braelin Pantel – Student Care liaison

Connie Sanders – Banner/Coding Committee liaison

Mary Sauceda – Enrollment Command Center, Recruitment Council and Retention Council liaison*


Administration team 

Amanda Berry – Human Resources liaison

George Middlemist – Budget Recommendation and Compensation Committee liaison*





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