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Request campus access - employee

Most Metropolitan State University of Denver employees will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. That said, the University also recognizes that there are some employees who may need one-time or recurring access to campus. Those Roadrunners can request access via the following processes.  


One-time access process

For faculty, staff and student employees who need to collect work-related or personal items from a workspace. Please allow one to three business days for verification.

  • Receive prior authorization from your supervisor.
  • Submit request via this form.  
  • Facilities Department verifies access requested, then sends follow-up email to supervisor and requestor with information on required Safe Return Protocols and Expectations
  • Requestor works with supervisor to schedule time to ensure no overlap of employees in department. 

Recurring return-to-work process

For faculty, staff and student employees who want to return to campus repeatedly for the purpose of resuming duties in some capacity. Please allow five business days for review and verification. 

  • Requesting supervisor or department head completes RSR-Unit Plan Information and submits it to the Roadrunner Safe Return committee at
  • Roadrunner Safe Return routes request through MSU Denver Facilities Department and the Auraria Higher Education Center to review facility readiness and verify ID access.  
  • RSR contact notifies requesting department of approval or need for clarification. 
  • Requesting department verifies that returning employees will comply with required Safe Return Protocols and Expectations.   

Important notes

  • At this point in time working from campus is primarily voluntary. If you feel you are being required to report to campus and this makes you uncomfortable, please notify Vice President/COO Larry Sampler at

  • In an effort to further bolster campus safety for the limited number of students, faculty and staff who are on-campus for fall semester, MSU Denver is asking all Roadrunners to have their official institutional ID visibly displayed at all times while on campus.
  • As employees request to return to buildings, the Facilities team will work to ensure that the climate in occupied buildings is appropriate.


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