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Administrative Withdrawal

An Administrative Withdrawal (AW) is for unforeseen or extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control that have prevented the student from withdrawing before the withdrawal deadline (i.e., death in immediate family, extended hospitalization, unforeseen work-related relocation, divorce, homelessness, or incarceration).

For more information, please see below.

The AW committee will review the AW request, including the explanation, and official, supporting documentation to determine if it meets policy guidelines. If approved, an AW will be recorded on the student’s official academic record and will be calculated in their attempted hours. No academic credit will be awarded.

All AW submissions must include:

  1. Detailed explanation (requested in the online form) stating what the extenuating circumstance was, when it occurred, and how it affected your ability to successfully complete/withdraw from the course(s)
  2. Official documentation supporting the reason for your request. Documentation must align with the timeline for which you are requesting administrative withdrawal.

An AW will be automatically denied for the following reasons:

  • Official supporting documentation was not provided with initial AW submission
  • Student has successfully withdrawn from the course(s)
  • Student is still able to withdraw from the course(s)
    • Students must withdraw themselves prior to the withdrawal deadline. Refer to the Student Detail Schedule in your Student Hub for specific withdraw dates.
  • Student missed the drop/withdrawal deadline.
  • Unable to withdraw due to financial hold (Note: financial holds do not prevent withdrawals)
    • Students must work with Office of the Bursar, 303-615-0070.
    • Students must work with the department of the course they are disputing.
  • Student missed payment or stopped attending/never attended the course.
  • Disputing course material, grade, or instructor.

Students who meet the above guidelines for administrative withdrawal and are able to provide official documentation should complete the online form. See below for examples of required documentation.

All documentation must be official, signed, and dated.

Reason for Request

Acceptable Documentation



Death in immediate family

Obituary or death certificate



Death (not in immediate family)

Letter from a counselor or psychologist




Divorce decree




Eviction notice




Incarceration paperwork




Letter from physician




Letter from employer on official letterhead



Student Care Center


Counseling Center

Tivoli Student Union, Room 651


Access Center

Plaza Building, Room 122


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