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Portfolio Assessment

Do you have experience that may qualify as college-level learning? Try submitting a portfolio!

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of documents you put together to show what you already know and can do. Many professionals in business, education, design, and consulting use portfolios in their work. Your PLA portfolio includes a narrative, which is your discussion of your college-level knowledge, similar to a research paper that is supported by theory or concepts. It might also include evidence, such as certificates, letters of recommendation, and samples of work that will support your narrative and verify to the Portfolio assessors that you have the knowledge and should be awarded credit. Your portfolio should address the learning objectives, or outcomes, of the courses you want to earn credit for and detail your experience acquiring this knowledge. It is read by subject-matter experts who make sure that what you already know is equivalent to what you would have learned if you had taken the course.

  • Portfolio assessment is available in many, but not all, academic departments. 
  • Portfolio credit must match a MSU Denver course. To verify this information, visit the university's Course Descriptions
  • Portfolio fee is $379 per course (fees are subject to change). 
  • EDS Portfolio Development Workshop course is required to submit a portfolio for prior learning credit. 
  • To earn credit, students must be a continuing student enrolled in good standing in a degree or certificate program.
  • Contact Prior Learning Specialist, Brandy Schooler (303-605-5574,, to explore portfolio options. 

Refer to the MSU Denver Catalog for more specific information about Portfolio Assessment.

EDS 2680 - Portfolio Development Workshop

EDS 2680 - Portfolio Development Workshop (1 Credit Hour)

Students learn to identify, analyze, discuss, and document learning gained through experience. Students integrate prior experiential learning with current educational needs and goals. Basic principles of adult learning and developmental theory are introduced as they apply to the student’s experience. Students will prepare a prior-learning portfolio. Those who are interested may develop this portfolio into an application for credit for prior learning.

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