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Grading Procedures/Grade Changes

The last step in wrapping up classes for the semester? Submitting grades! Did you make an error with a student's grade? There's an easy solution!

 We appreciate the work that you do as an MSU Denver faculty member and we want to ensure that this task can be completed with ease.

As a faculty member of MSU Denver, it is your responsibility to oversee and uphold the rights that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) grant to our students.  Under no circumstances should faculty post grades or grade lists in public or via email.


  • All grades must be submitted online by the date published on the Academic Calendar. For courses that end early, submit grades online after the course ends.
  • Only the instructor of record for the class may assign grades. 
  • If a faculty is incapacitated (removed from teaching) or unavailable to submit grades due to unforeseen absence (faculty cannot be contacted by administration), the Department Chair shall assume responsibility for entering grades. The Department Chair may assign this responsibility to department faculty member(s) however will need to provide a memo to the Dean and Registrar.

Last Date of Attendance:  Title IV financial aid program and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs require all schools to document a student's last date of attendance.  If a student earned an F, U, or UE grade for any reason, the faculty must document the last date of attendance in class. If a student did not attend, report the first day of class along with 0 (zero) hours attended.

Logging In

1. Log into your Faculty and Staff Hub

2. Click on "Advising and Degree Planning" under "Web Services"

3. Click on "Final Grades"

4. Select the appropriate term and click "Submit"

5. Select the course you need to enter grades for and click "Submit"


Submitting Grades

1. Below the "Grade" column, select the earned grade.

  • If assigning an F, U, or UE grade, the “Last Attend Date” field must be completed. This is required for Title IV regulations.
  • W (withdrawal) and AW (administrative withdrawal) notations cannot be altered.
  • If more time is needed, click the “Submit” button. This will save your work, and allow up to an additional 60 minutes.

2. Double check all grades have been entered.

3. Scroll to the very bottom to “Submit” changes. You may alter any grades submitted prior to the grading deadline.


Important Information 

  • Grades for the class cannot be submitted if an F, U, or UE grades do not have the “Last Attend Date” entered.
  • The “Attend Hours” column does not need to be completed.
  • Grading will be closed at 12:00pm, the Thursday following Finals week for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Grading will be closed at 12:00pm, the Thursday following the end of Summer semesters full-term (8-week) courses.


Missing/Late Grades

  • Grades not submitted by the deadline will be reported to the Deans and VP for Academic and Student Affairs Office.
  • It is important to check your MSU Denver faculty email; your Dean's Office will be notifying you of any missing/late grades. 
  • Any missing/late grades that need to be entered after the deadline must go through the Grade Change process via your Faculty Hub. If you missed an entire roster, you will need to submit a Grade Change for each student individually. 

All grades, except F grades, can be submitted through the normal process.

Due to the timing of Winterim and Maymester, the “last date of attendance” required for assigning an F grade will not be accepted through the typical process in the Faculty Hub.  

To assign an F grade for a Winterim and Maymester course, the Office of the Registrar will manually process the grade.  Please email from your MSU Denver email with the following:

  • Course number, including CRN
  • Student name and 900#
  • Last date of attendance for the student

Steps to Submit a Grade Change

  1. Log into your Faculty and Staff Hub
  2. Go to the "Faculty Services" Tab
  3. Click on "Initiate Grade Change"
  4. Enter the following information: Student 900 Number, Term, and CRN
  5. Select "New Grade" from the drop down menu and add any comments regarding the reason for the grade change
  6. Click "Submit"


Additional Notes

  • The instructor of record, Department Chair, and Dean for the course are the only individuals allowed to initiate a grade change for a specific student.
  • Instructors can submit grade changes without additional approval under these circumstances:
    • Within the first seven weeks of the semester following the completion of the course (Spring grades may be changed up through the seventh week of the following Fall semester);
    • Within one year of assigning Incomplete (I) or Continuing Correspondence (CC) grade notations.
  • Department Chair and Dean approvals are required under these circumstances:
    • If a grade is being changed after the deadlines described above;
    • If a grade assigned prior to Fall 2013 is being changed to an ‘NC’ due to extenuating circumstances;
    • If an Incomplete (I) or Continuing Correspondence (CC) notation defaulted to an ‘F’ and the instructor wants to assign a grade;
    • If a permanent F is being assigned.
  • In all cases, grades may NOT be changed on the basis of revised evaluation, a new examination, or additional work undertaken or completed after the final grade report is submitted to the Office of the Registrar.



Grade Change User Guide

If you have questions or need assistance with this process, contact our Records and Registration Team. 

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