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Faculty and Staff Forms - Use standalone Adobe Acrobat for full functionality

Class Adjustment Form

To add, modify, or cancel a class offering. (Use standalone Adobe Acrobat for full functionality)

Course Switch (webform)

To change a student’s registration from one section of a class to another. Generated by the department.

Degree Works Security Access

To request for access to student's Degree Progress Report in the Faculty and Staff Hub. (Use standalone Adobe Acrobat for full functionality)

Incomplete Agreement

Three-stage Incomplete Agreement webform (1. Faculty initiation; 2. Student confirmation; 3. Department chair approval).

Information Request

To request directory information as designated by the University, under section 438(a)(5)(8) of FERPA. (Use standalone Adobe Acrobat for full functionality) 

Screen Reader Accessible Graduation Application - ADA Accommodated Students

(To be used by students with ADA screen reader accommodations through the MSU Denver Access Center; all other students submit application via self-service Banner/Student Hub)

Travel Authorization (Employee)

Use this International Travel Authorization Request form to submit your travel request for required signatures (you will need to know the names & email addresses of your department/unit approvers). Once all required signatures have been acquired through the workflow, the completed form will be returned to you in PDF format for you to attach to your Chrome River travel entries.


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