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Class Rosters

Rosters are for faculty use only and are to be treated as confidential.  Students' identification numbers appear on these lists, thus they are subject to FERPA.

Up-to-the-minute, accurate class rosters are available to for all classes in STUDENT HUB.  Faculty may print a class roster the day before, or an hour before the class meets, and as often as needed throughout the semester.  Under NO circumstances should faculty post rosters in public or via email.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Log on to STUDENT HUB.  If you do not know your username and password you can Lookup Your Username / Initial Password.  If you experience further difficulty, contact the Help Desk at 303-352-7548.
  2. Click the My Services/Registration tab.
  3. Click the Main Menu icon.
  4. Click Faculty & Advisors Menu.
  5. Click Term Selection.  Click the term you wish to access and click the Submit button.
  6. Click Summary Class List (Rosters).
  7. Click the class you wish to print and click the Submit button.
  8. Click the printer icon on the top menu bar.
  9. Click CRN Selection at the bottom of the page to select another class.
  10. Repeat for each of your classes throughout the semester, whenever you want an updated class roster.


  • Use Return to Previous to go backwards. Do not use your browser’s Back Button.
  • Use Select CRN at the bottom of the Summary Class
  • List (Rosters) to access another one of your class lists.
  • Use Enter CRN at the bottom of the Summary Class
  • List (Rosters) to access/print any class for the semester.  This feature allows a department chair to print a class roster when a faculty member has not been assigned to class.  The feature will not be available during the grade submission period.

Advanced Roster Features

  • Click the name of a student and access the student’s address and phone number
  • Click the title of the course and view a list of all sections with the same title for the semester
  • On the Faculty & Advisors Menu click Detail Class List for class enrollment/waitlist enrollment and detailed academic information for each student in your class.

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