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Curriculum, Advising & Program Planning (CAPP) Reference Sheet

The following instructions are for faculty and staff to run CAPP reports directly through Banner from their offices on campus. These are NOT instructions for running WebCAPP.

Printing CAPP Compliance Reports

  • Type SMARQCM – Compliance Request Management Form – in Direct Access
    (by mouse: Select Student System Menu, CAPP Menu, Compliance Information Menu, Compliance Request Management Form)
  • Designate printer – first access of the day only, Exit (use exit icon or Ctrl + q)

On SMARQCM form:

  1. In ID field enter STUDENT ID
  2. Control/Page Down, Next Block, or Place Cursor in EVALUATION TERM field.
  3. [A message box may appear indicating that compliance has been run before. If so, Click OK. Under Record Menu at the very top of screen select Insert. This clears the form so a new compliance can be run. Cursor will now be in blank Evaluation Term field.]
  4. In blank Evaluation Term field, enter the current term or term for which registration is open.
  5. Example: 200750 – Indicates Fall (50) term for year 2007. Do not fill in any other fields on form.
  6. Under OPTIONS menu on left side of screen click on COMPLIANCE CURRICULUM
  7. Next to Options word click on down arrow to locate COPY FROM STUDENT RECORD toward the bottom of the Options menu.
  8. Click on COPY FROM STUDENT RECORD. This takes you to the General Student Summary form.
  9. Double click or use Select icon on the top/highlighted line. This is the most recent information
    1. [The student’s curriculum information will automatically be populated from the General Student record into the compliance curriculum. If a message box appears that tells you a Primary and a Secondary program exists, select Primary Curriculum. This is the student’s degree goal. The Secondary Curriculum is Teacher Licensure information for use by Teacher Education faculty only.]
  10. REVIEW Compliance Curriculum information for accuracy. Add concentration and minor codes if needed or desired. Never change a Catalog Term in a Secondary Curriculum.
  11. SAVE the correct compliance curriculum information.
  13. In COMPLIANCE TYPE field type CAPRINT.
  14. Click the PRINT IMMEDIATELY box
  15. In STUDENT ADDRESS TYPE insert AA (student’s Active Address)
  16. SAVE this information.
  18. A message box will appear to inform you that compliance is running.
  19. When compliance is complete, double click on the PRINT A SAVED CAPP REPORT icon on desktop.  Select the printer you'd like to use and click OK.  Sometimes you will receive a pop-up message that says FRM-40654:  RECORD HAS BEEN UPDATED BY ANOTHER USER.  RE-QUERY TO SEE CHANGE.  Click OK three times and proceed to double clicking on the PRINT A SAVED CAPP REPORT  icon.


To view results on-line click on Display Compliance results

If Compliance has been run before:

A. UNDER RECORD at the very top of the page, Select INSERT
B. The form will clear. Return and finish step #2 above. Continue with the rest of the steps.

To copy a previously run compliance:

I. Enter ID (if you have not already)
II. Click on COPY EXISTING REQUEST under Options Menu
III. Click on searchlight next to Request # to Copy From (OR Enter Request # if known).
IV. Click on SELECT icon or Shift + F3 (This is not needed if request # is known – see step #2)
V. Click on PROCESS COPY Button or Process copy under options.
VI. Review data in Compliance Curriculum. Change if needed or desired.
VII. Go to Step 8 above.

To run Compliance online only:

After you SAVE (Step 8), click on SUBMIT (on far left). If run online only, you will get the message: “Compliance has been run for this request. No updates or deletions are allowed.” Click OK. Under Options select DISPLAY COMPLIANCE RESULTS.

Majors/Minors Requiring Concentrations to Run CAPP Reports

Code Major/Minor
AMG Aviation Management major
ART Art major
ATV Aviation Technology major
CJC through 200040 Criminal Justice and Criminology major
ENG English major AND minor
ENV Environmental Science major
ES2 ESG - Special Education minor
FIN begin 200150 Finance major
HMT Hospitality, Meeting, & Travel Administration
HPS Human Performance and Sport major AND minor
HY1 HSY - Health and Safety minor
ITS Industrial and Technical Studies major AND minor
JRN begin 199750 Journalism major
LES Leisure Studies major AND minor
LUS Land Use major
MDL begin 200050 Modern Languages major
MED Music Education major
MET Mechanical Engineering Technology major
MPR ends 200040 Music Performance major
MUS – BM begin 200050 Music - BM major requisites MPR concentration
MTH Mathematics major
SPC Speech Communication major
TCM Technical Communications major

Majors that need to have BA or BS Selected:
Biology Mathematics
Chemistry Physics
Land Use

Codes that have changed; students may still have the old codes. A complete listing can be found in our CAPP Curriculum Table .

CIM to CIN: CIM will not work in CAPP
CMS to CIN: CMS will not work in CAPP
ES2 Special Education minor code – SED will not work
GSV to GR1, GR2: Depends on the catalog year
HSW to HSP: HSW will not work in CAPP
LES minor to LER: LES requires concentration and depends on catalog year
MPR: Beginning 200050 use MUS – BM program, MUS major, MPR concentration



Class Notes Summer 2015

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