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Add Courses, Add Breaks, Compare Schedules

Class Scheduler simplifies the registration process and helps you find classes that fit around your busy schedule. Select the courses that you need to take, plug in your work schedule, breaks, or other commitments and simply choose from the different schedules that work best for you!

Log In to Student Hub

1) Click on “Register.”
2) Click on "Class Scheduler." 
3) Select term, add courses, add breaks, create schedules and register!

Note: Print out a copy of your schedule to ensure that you have successfully registered for the course(s) that you need.

Class Scheduler Step-by-Step Screen Shot

Q. Why should I use the Class Scheduler resource to register for classes?

Class Scheduler will simplify the registration process tremendously! This resource will cut your registration planning down from hours to minutes.

Let’s be honest, we’re all busy between school, work, families, and extracurricular activities. This tool will generate different and flexible schedules that will work best for you. Best of all, it’s very easy to use!


Q. What information do I need before using Class Scheduler?

If you don’t already know what classes you need for the next semester, meet with an advisor. Also, don’t forget to double check the following:


Q. Where can I see the class start and end times?

1) Add your courses.

2) Click on "Generate Schedules."

3) Choose the schedule(s) that you prefer and select "View.”

4) Class start and end times will be located under the Day(s) & Location (s) column:

Days & Location Screen Shot


Q. Where can I see the name of the professor teaching the course?

1) Add your courses.

2) Click on "Generate Schedules."

3) Choose the schedule(s) that you prefer and select "View.”

4) Professors will be listed under the calendar view:

Professor Screen Shot


Q. How can I decrease the number of schedule options?

 You may decrease the number of schedule options by doing some of the following:

  • Add Breaks (Breaks are times during the day that you do not wish to take classes) 

         Breaks Screen Shot


  • Add Class Paddings (Time in between classes)

          1) Add your courses. 

          2) Scroll down to ‘Schedules’ and select ‘Advanced Options.’ Choose the preferred time frame from the drop down menu.

       Add Breaks Screen Shot


Q. How will I know that I am registered for a class?

Once you send your preferred schedule to the Shopping Cart, this will direct you to the "Class Scheduler Registration Cart."

Class Scheduler Registration Cart Screen Shot

1) Click on "Register." An updated screen will indicate that you are registered for the course(s). 

Note: If there is a registration error (e.g. not meeting prequisites), it will be displayed here. 


 Q. If I want a particular class, however the class is full, how can I get on the wait list?

You may pull a list of waitlist courses that are both open and full by selecting this option under "Course Status."

Course Status Screen Shot

1) Add your courses.

2) Click on "Generate Schedules."

3) Choose the schedule(s) that you prefer and select "View.”

4) Click on "Send to Shopping Cart." This will redirect you to the "Class Scheduler Registration Cart."

5) Click "Register" to be added to the waitlist.

Note: When a seat opens up, the first student on the waiting list will be emailed. The student will be responsible for logging into their Student Hub and registering for the course within 24 hours from the time the student was sent the email. If this does not take place, the student will be automatically dropped from the waiting list.


Q. What if I cannot find the classes that I am looking for within the options given?

All classes offered for the term will be available in Class Scheduler. To see if the class has open seats or a waitlist option, select "Open & Full w/Waitlist Open" under "Course Status."

Course Status Screen Shot


Q. What can I do if I have questions navigating Class Scheduler?

Q. How can I access Class Scheduler?

1) Visit the Faculty and Staff Hub.

2) Click on “Faculty and Advisors Menu.”

Faculty and Advisor Menu

3) Log in using your MSU Denver credentials.

4) Click on “Class Scheduler Guest Mode.” This will redirect you to Class Scheduler. 

Class scheduler Guest Mode


Q. My Class Scheduler log in does not work. Who should I contact?


Q. Why can’t I see the “Shopping Cart” option similar to the student’s view?

The Shopping Cart option will not be available for faculty and advisors. Faculty and advisors have access to Class Scheduler to better understand the registration tool that students utilize; this will ultimately help faculty and advisors walk students through the process if questions should arise. This tool is intended to allow students to feel empowered when planning their own schedules.


Q. Where are the prerequisite(s) located for classes?

 When students add a course, the prerequisite(s) will be included with the course description.

Prerequisite Screenshot


Q. If a student does not meet the prerequisite(s) for a class, can the student add the class to their “Shopping Cart”?

Yes, if the student does not meet the prerequisite(s) for a class, the student may continue to add the class to their “Shopping Cart,” however when the screen redirects to Banner for registration submission, an auto-populated error message will notify the student that the prerequisite(s) have not been met, therefore registration for that class cannot be completed.


Q. What happens when a class is cancelled? 

When a class is cancelled, the class will be removed from Class Scheduler within one business day. 


Q. Will Class Scheduler automatically time out after a certain amount of time? 

If Class Scheduler is idle for 30 minutes, the software will automatically log the user out. 


Q. What training options are available and who may I contact to schedule a training?

  • Workshops are available, please check the schedule to see if there is one that works for you!

         Advising Training: Class Scheduler, Guest Mode

  • Schedule group or individual trainings. Contact: Brandy Swanson, Advising Coordinator for Training and Development (
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