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2021 Course Registration & Online Course Formats

Many of our course offerings will continue to be offered remotely in conjunction on-campus course offerings (subject to social-distancing guidelines). Online courses will be delivered in one of three formats: synchronous (consisting of live virtual class sessions), traditional online (not needing to attend live virtual class sessions), and online hybrid (a combination of synchronous and traditional online)--there is also a traditional hybrid format (a mix of face-to-face classes and online requirements) that will also be offered. You can learn more about the various online delivery formats here or use the Class Scheduler to find a course and delivery format that best suits your learning style. (Continue reading below for 2021 Registration guides.)

  • Online - Online learning includes all course types that do not require you to come to campus and that meet robust but simple course design and teaching expectations. These courses allow students to review course content and complete course requirements without needing to attend live, required virtual sessions.

  • Synchronous - A type of online learning, synchronous courses include required live virtual class sessions on a consistent, predetermined schedule. These courses may have weekly course meetings, midterm or finals study sessions, or live group project requirements.

  • Self-Paced Online (SPO) - SPO courses allow flexibility to complete MSU Denver courses. There are two types of SPO courses:

    • SPO - 18-week courses which begin two weeks prior to the regular start of the semester and end on the same date as the regular semester. SPO courses are COF-eligible.
    • SP1 - 6-month courses which begin one week after the regular semester census date. The student completes the course within the established 6-month course dates per semester. SP1 courses are not COF-eligible.

  • Online Hybrid -  An online course that incorporates synchronous online learning at a scheduled time (at least once per week) and is a traditional online class for the rest of the time. (Note: Courses of this type are listed as "Synchronous" with a day/time on one line of the course listing and "Hybrid TBA" on the second line of the course listing.)

  • Face-to-Face – Face-to-face courses will meet on campus in Spring and Summer 2021 with fewer students per classroom than past semesters, students and faculty adhering to social-distancing guidelines, and additional cleaning and safety procedures implemented across campus. (Please note that Spring 2021 will also offer some accelerated, 8-week courses in face-to-face format.)
  • Hybrid – Hybrid courses require both face-to-face (in-person, on campus) and online learning. This may mean only a few face-to-face sessions are required, or the course may require weekly on-campus sessions. Likewise, hybrid courses may only include a few online requirements, or most expectations may occur online. The balance is set by the instructor, but students can expect to both visit campus and learn online.

See the general Class Scheduler guide or continue to 2021 registration guide below:

  1.  Log onto the Student Hub Registration Page
  2. Click on “Class Scheduler”
  3. Select Term
    Select Fall 2020
  4. From the Class Scheduler main screen you can add courses, add breaks (times of the day during which you do not want to schedule class), and generate schedules
    Class Scheduler 02
  5. For Spring 2021, many face-to-face courses have moved to online course formats; we recommend that you search for classes on All MSU Denver Campuses to view the most course options
    Class Scheduler 03
  6. Click on the '+ Add Course' button to begin adding courses to the scheduler
    Class Scheduler 04
  7. Select specific subject and course and add to your course list
    Class Scheduler 05
  8. Added courses will appear in your course list on the right hand side of the screen
    Class Scheduler 07
  9. Continue adding courses until you have added all of the Fall 2020 courses you intend to take
    Class Scheduler 08
  10. Optional: Add any breaks in the schedule during which you would prefer not to take any classes
    Class Scheduler 09
  11. Generate potential schedules
    Class Scheduler 10
  12. Compare schedules; click boxes to select several schedules to compare
    Class Scheduler 11
  13. Click on any of the generated schedules to preview a potential schedule
    Class Scheduler 12
  14. See potential schedules in Schedule View (special online format courses will be noted in the Days & Locations column)
    Class Scheduler 13
  15. See potential schedules in Calendar View (special online format courses will be labeled under the course title)
    Class Scheduler 14
  16. Click on the blue information icon to view specific course details (online format will be described in the 'Notes' section)
    Class Scheduler 15
  17. Check the 'Notes' section for all of the courses in your schedule to see specific information about the course format
    Class Scheduler 16
  18. Once you have decided on a schedule, click the 'Send to Shopping Cart' button
    Class Scheduler 17
  19. All of the courses you have selected will populate into your Registration Cart in theStudent Hub; click Register!
    Class Scheduler 18
  20. Your registered courses will be displayed
    Class Scheduler 19
  21. To view your student detail schedule, return to the main menu of the 'Class Registration' tab and click on Student Detail Schedule
    Class Scheduler 20
  22. Verify your course information on the Student Detail Schedule; look at the 'Type' column; if it is listed as "Class" it is face-to-face; if it is listed as "ONL" then the 'Where' column will let you know if the course is standard online or synchronous.
    Class Scheduler 21
  1. Log onto Student Hub
  2. Click on the ‘Class Registration’ tab
    02 Banner Registration
  3. Click on Class Search, then select the desired term from the drop-down menu and click submit
    03 Banner Registration
  4. Select the course subject you want to search for, then click 'Course Search':
    04 Banner Registration
  5. Select the course you want to register for, then click view sections:
    05 Banner Registration
  6. Select whichever section you want to register for by click on the checkbox in the 'Select' column:
    06 Banner Registration
  7. Click register:
    07 Banner Registration
  8. Your Current Schedule will be displayed:
    08 Banner Registration
  9. Check your schedule by navigating to Student Detail Schedule:
    09 Banner Registration
  10. View Student Detail Schedule:
    Class Scheduler 21

Go to the 'Class Registration' tab in Student Hub and click on 'Student Detail Schedule'

Many 2021 courses have been changed to online delivery formats. Courses that are online will be labeled as "Online" in the 'Type' column. If you are in an online course, you will know whether it is standard online or "Synchronous" because the course format will be listed in the 'Where' column

Student Detail Schedule


Check out class availability below for Summer & Fall 2021:



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