Our Mission: At MSU Denver, we create an inclusive team that assists with growing  as individual/team members on and off the dance floor! We perform at MSU Denver Athletic and Club sporting events. As well as participate in fundraisers and appearances. We strive to help dancers of all levels improve their dancing skills and work with them to be performance ready at events and games.

Recent achievements

NDA NATIONALS 2022 – This year was the first time ever competing for the MSU Denver Club Dance Team. We take pride in being able to take the stage and create a name for ourselves as a team amongst all the other college teams. 

We prepared our Hip-Hop routine and performed on the NDA Nationals stage in Daytona, FL. We took 7th in the Division 2 hip-hop category, being less than a point away from finals.

We cannot wait to take the stage again.

Tryout Dates

TRYOUT PACKET 2022-2023:
Within this packet you will find all the information regarding tryouts, how the run, what is scored, and when they will be held. These dates also include clinic information.

● Clean double or triple turn
● Clean turn combinations (tours in second)
● Leaps (Right, Left, Center)
● Toe Touch
● Kicks (Right, Left, Side, Back, and jumping)
● Calypso
● Turning disc
● Jump combinations
● Ability to pick up Choreography
● Strong performance skills
● Dedication to Dance and

When it comes to making the MSU Denver club dance team we are looking for a great teammate above everything else.

Must be a responsible adult and treat dance team commitments like a job where you are accountable, timely and disciplined. Must possess excellent time management skills.

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