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Psychology Major

Student Outcome Goals

Upon completion of a degree program in psychology students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the major historical contributions and themes, basic principles, current issues, and emerging developments in psychology.
  • Communicate knowledge of the field of psychology both orally and in writing, the latter following the American Psychological Association guidelines.
  • Relate psychological principles and methodology to the problems and issues in other disciplines.
  • Conduct independently a basic literature search on a given problem in psychology and integrate this new information into a coherent understanding of the basic issues relating to this problem.
  • Apply the fundamentals of research methodology and statistical analysis to the interpretation and evaluation of research reports.
  • Express an appreciation for the value of psychological knowledge in improving our world and for individual differences and universal commonalties in human experience.

Planning your degree

The major or minor program is to be planned in consultation with an advisor from the Psychology Department by the beginning of the junior year or upon transfer into the department.

University Online Catalog and Schedules

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