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Human Development & Family Studies


The minor in Human Development and Family Studies is designed for students who are interested in a career working with children, adolescents or adults, and emphasizes the family as an important developmental context. Students learn about developmentally appropriate practices in working with these populations which employers may value in a variety of career settings, including hospitals, counseling, child care, schools and other social institutions.

Core Courses (pick 3)
  • PSY 1001 - Introductory Psychology
  • PSY 2210 - Psychology of Human Development
  • PSY 3340 - Cognitive Development and Learning
  • PSY 3350 - Psychology of Social Development
Developmental Specialization (pick 1)
  • PSY 3240 - Infancy
  • PSY 3250 - Child Psychology
  • PSY 3260 - Psychology of Adolescence
  • PSY 3270 - Adulthood and Aging
Applied Developmental Courses (Pick 1)
  • PSY 1800 - Developmental Educational Psychology
  • PSY 2240 - Parenting Across the Lifespan
  • PSY 2270 - Death and Dying
  • PSY 3400 - Child Psychopathology
Interdisciplinary Applications (Pick 1)
  • CHS 3210 - The Chicano Family
  • HSP 2040 - Family Systems
  • NUT 3050 - Concepts of Lifecycle Nutrition
  • SOC 3410 - The Family and Society
  • SWK 1010 - Introduction to Social Work
  • SWK 3010 - Social Work Practice with Children and Youth
  • SWK 3030 - Social Work with Older People
  • SWK 3080 - Social Work with Families
  • SWK 3150 - Social Work and Child Maltreatment

Advising Notes

  • At least 3 courses (9 semester hours) in the minor must be upper division, and 6 of those hours must be taken at MSU Denver.
  • A grade of "D-" or better does count toward the bachelor's degree. However, HDFS majors must have a GPA of 2.00 in their major as well as an overall GPA of 2.00 to graduate. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.
  • Transfer students must have completed both semesters of a two-semester introductory psychology course for equivalence to exist. Three semester hours will count toward the major or minor; three semester hours will count as general electives (i.e., PSY 8888) to graduate. If a student has taken only one semester of a two-semester introductory course and takes PSY 1001 at MSU Denver, the transfer introductory credits will not count toward the degree.

    Total Hours Required for the Minor: 18

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