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Research Club

The MSU Denver Psychology Research Club provides students the opportunity to get hands-on experience planning, conducting, and presenting research - including:

  1. Deciding on a research question.
  2. Literature searches.
  3. How to design a scientific experiment.
  4. How to write a study proposal.
  5. How to submit a proposal to the Internal Review Board for human subjects approval.
  6. Data collection.
  7. Data analysis.
  8. Writing an abstract for presentation at a conference.
  9. Presenting research via posters and presentations.
  10. Submitting an article to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.

Fall 2020 meetings 4:00PM Mondays Online. To visit the club or attend a meeting, Join on Teams at the link below. Drop-ins are always welcome!

Club Meeting Link

To be included on our mailing list, please fill out the survey on this LINK

Contact information: Dr. Cynthia Erickson,

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