MSU Denver

Academic Schedule

July 2021

  • Monday, 5th — Independence Day Holiday Observed (Campus Closed)
  • Tuesday, 6th Second 5-week summer courses begin

August 2021

  • Friday, 13th — Summer Grades Available Online in Student Hub
  • Monday, 23rd — Fall classes begin
  • Sunday, 29th — 100% Refund Deadline for Fall 2021 Full-Semester Courses
  • Last Day to Self-Register for Fall 2021 Full-Semester Courses

September 2021

  • Monday, 6th — Labor Day (Campus Closed)
  • Wednesday, 8th — 50% Refund Deadline for Fall 2021 Full-Semester Courses

October 2021

  • Monday, 28th — Spring Priority Registration Begins

November 2021

  • Friday, 5th — Withdrawal Deadline for Fall 2021 Full-Semester Courses
  • Monday, 22nd — Fall Break (Campus Open, No Classes)
  • Thursday, 25th — Fall Holiday (Campus Closed)
  • Friday, 26th — Extended Holiday Weekend (MSU Denver Closed)

December 2021

  • Saturday, 11th — Classes End (Full-Semester Classes)
  • Monday, 13th — Final Exam Week
  • Friday, 17th — Fall 2021 Commencement
  • Thursday, 23rd — Grades Due From Faculty at Noon
  • Friday, 24th — Grades Available Online at Student Hub
  • Saturday, 25th — Winter Break (Campus Closed)

Course Rotation


Course Title

2022 Spring

2021 Summer

2021 Fall


1001 Introductory Psychology X X X PSY & HDFS core
1800 Developmental Educational Psych X X X Developmental
2001 Careers and Professional Development in Psychology X X X PSY core
2120 Brain & Behavior X  X X Experimental
2150 Positive Psychology X X X Clinical
2210 Psychology of Human Development X X X HDFS core
2240 Parenting Across the Lifespan X  X X Developmental
2270 Death & Dying X  X X
2310 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences X  X X PSY & HDFS core
2410 Social Psychology X X X Social
2850 Psychology of Sexuality X X
295C Psychology of Sleeping & Dreaming
295D Sports & Performance Psych X
3000 Theories of Personality X  X X Clinical
3010 Research Methods in the Psychological Sciences X  X X PSY core
3011 Lab for Research Meth. In Psych Science X  X X PSY core
3030 Multicultural Psychology X  X X
3050 Psychology of Gender X X Social
3070 Psychology of Sexual Orientation X
3240 Infancy X  X X Developmental
3250 Child Psychology X X X Developmental
3260 Psychology of Adolescence X X X Developmental
3270 Adulthood & Aging X X X Developmental
3340 Cognitive Development & Learning X X X HDFS core
3350 Psychology of Social Development X X X HDFS core
3380 Clinical Neuropsychology
3400 Child Psychopathology X  X X Developmental
3410 Health Psychology X
342G Forensic Psychology X
3440 Cravings & Addictions X  X X
3450 Organizational Psychology X X Social
3460 Psychology of Play
3470 Psychology of Violence & Aggression X X
3560 Psychopharmacology X
3620 Abnormal Psychology X  X X Clinical
3700 Psychology of Group Prejudice X X X Social
3980 Internship in Psychology X X PSY core
4100 Intro to Clinical/Counseling X  X X Clinical
4150 Intro to Psychological Assessment X
4320 Advanced Research Methods X X PSY core
Thinking Like a Psychologist
X X PSY core
4410 Human Factors Engineering
4450 Advanced Statistics
4510 History & Systems of Psychology X X X PSY core
4520 Sensation & Perception X X Experimental
4530 Psychology of Learning
4540 Behavioral Neuroscience X X Experimental
4570 Cognitive Psychology X  X X Experimental
4650 Advanced Internship  X X PSY core
4700 Senior Experience in Human Development and Family Studies X X HDFS core