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Search Committee

The 16-member search committee consists of faculty members from across the academic spectrum as well as key administrators. The committee is chaired by Matt Makley, Ph.D., professor, History.

Committee Members

  • Matt Makley, Ph.D., professor, History – Search Committee Chair 
  • Rosemarie Allen, Ph.D., professor, Education 
  • Andrea Borrego Ph.D., assistant professor, Criminal Justice 
  • Katia Campbell, Ph.D., associate professor, Speech Communication 
  • Su-Jane Chen, Ph.D., professor, Finance 
  • Greg Clifton, Ph.D., professor, Accounting 
  • Adam Graves, Ph.D., professor, Philosophy 
  • Tanya Greathouse, Ph.D., assistant professor, Social Work 
  • Brian Gunther, Technical Process and Communications Manager 
  • J. Kang, Ph.D., assistant professor, Hospitality
  • Adrienne Martinez, executive director, Classroom to Career Initiatives 
  • George Middlemist, Ph.D., associate vice president, Administration 
  • Adriana Nieto, Ph.D., associate professor and chair, Chicana/o Studies 
  • Sheila Rucki, Ph.D., professor, Political Science 
  • Arlene Sgoutas, Ph.D., interim dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences 
  • Kim Starr, Strategic Planning and Financial Analyst Manager 

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