Dr. Chereka Dickerson is an assistant professor of English at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dr. Dickerson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management (2004) from the University of Northern Colorado. She holds a Master of Humanities degree (2010) from the University of Colorado at Denver, and she holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English Studies (2018) from Illinois State University. Dr. Dickerson has been a member of the MSU Denver community since 2015, when she began teaching in the department of English. As a Black woman and a scholar, Dr. Dickerson incorporates Black Feminist approaches to teaching, her scholarship, her service, and her community engagement. As such, Dr. Dickerson is intentional about using her position as an academic to champion her voice, champion other Black women’s voices, and to champion the voices of those who have long been marginalized. For Dr. Dickerson, her training as a literature professor uniquely positions her to encourage and incorporate storytelling in all that she does.

In addition to being a professor and scholar, Dr. Dickerson was born and raised in Denver, CO, and has many ties to the Denver community. These strong and deep ties to the community in Denver are a result of her entrepreneurial background. As the daughter of entrepreneurs, Dr. Dickerson is also one of the co-owners of the oldest Black owned restaurant in Denver, CO. This entrepreneurial background gives Dr. Dickerson a nuanced perspective on leadership, work and work ethic, and success. For Dr. Dickerson, being able to apply what she knows from her business background to her formal training as a literature professor provides her with the tools to integrate into different communities that span academic, social, and professional boundaries. Dr. Dickerson is charismatic, enthusiastic, and self-assured that her impact on the MSU Denver and Denver communities will continue to flourish.

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