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2016 Conference Presentation Materials

Materials and Handouts from the 2016 Professional Development Conference will be posted as they become available.

Lecture/Workshop Sessions

Agile Leadership: Solving Problems at the Pace of Change (Taylor Kendal, Alex McDaniel)

Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership Worksheet

Are You Ready for Retirement? (Keith Fevurly)

Are You Ready for Retirement?

Fun with Financial Aid (Cindy Hejl, Theresa Godinez, Michael Nguyen)

Fun with Financial Aid

‌“Yes, and!” Improv Your Life (Erin Brogan)

"Yes and!" Improv Your Life


MSU Denver Talks:

Creating a Culture of Service with Professional Development (Sanaa Riaz)

Creating a Culture of Service

Supporting Immigrant and Undocumented Students at MSU Denver (Gregor Mieder)

Immigrant Services Program


Roundtable Sessions:

What is a FERPA? (Metza Templeton)

What's a FERPA?!

Rock the Classroom! Strategies for Teaching Excellence (Lynann "Annie" Butler)

Rock the Classroom





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