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2019 Program

Workshops are 60-minute presentations that happens once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This is a total of two (2) hours for lecture/workshop presenters. 

Are You Playing Checkers or Chess With Your Team?

Breakout Session 1, King Center 215

Garrett Spradlin, Recruitment Visits, Events, and Communications manager

This presentation will use specific examples from the student staff known as the "CREW in Blue" that can apply to anyone who wants to see a streamlined approach that can improve their area through a "system that has been shaped" in just one year. Take an in depth look at how we "play chess" each day!

Becoming a Transfer Champion: Understanding Transfer from a Student Perspective

Breakout Session 1, King Center 211

Tiffani Baldwin, Transfer Coordinator
Megan Dempsey, Interim Transfer Specialist

This session will consist of three components: a gallery walk through transfer student survey data, small group work focused on opportunities to better serve students in attendees' functional areas, and a large group discussion of transfer student national trends and best practices.

Better Together: An Integrated Interdependent Approach to Graduate Program Design at MSU Denver

Breakout Session 1, King Center 307

Amy Middleton, Director, Social Work Student Services, Administration and Finance
Jo Daugherty Bailey, MSW Program Director and Associate Professor of Social Work
K. Scherrer, BSSW Progam Director and Associate Professor
Bailee Bannon, Associate Director of Social Work Admissions, Advising, and Alumni

The session will walk participants through the development of the administrative and student services sides of the MSW Program to include ways the Department optimizes the cash funded model to support undergraduate programing. A panel of faculty and staff will facilitate discussion post presentation.

Bigger IS Better: Expanding Peer Mentoring for Expanded Success

Breakout Session 2, King Center 305

Camelia Naranjo, Assistant Director of Peer Mentoring
Lunden MacDonald, Executive Director, Roadways

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to engage in a conversation about peer mentoring and how it helps to support a positive campus climate, and the retention of students. Your input matters!! We will be brainstorming ways to improve the peer mentoring program for the 2019-2020 year.

Building Inclusive Health Programs Through Promoting Cultural Humility

Breakout Session 2, King Center 307

Tanya Greathouse, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Jessica Rossi-Katz, Professor, Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences
Emily Matuszewicz, Interim Director, The Health Institute
AnnJanette Alejandro-Steele, Associate Dean, College of Professional Studies

We explore how cultural humility can guide inclusive programs, in line with our institution's core value of diversity.  Participants develop the capacity to recognize their implicit biases and how they affect relational interactions with self-assessment tools and case studies. 

Creative Technology Platforms to Shape Our Educational Systems and Improve our Collective Success

Breakout Session 2, King Center 211

TJ De Cino, Director and Assistant Professor, Aviation and Aerospace Science

This presentation will provide examples and instruction on how attendees from other departments can benefit from adopting a triangular approach in working with curriculum vendors and industry employers, and integrated into their technology platforms and learning environments  

How to Talk to Your Students About The Humanities

Breakout Session 2, King Center 213

Gregory Singer, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist
Matt Makely, Professor, History
Adam Graves, Professor, Philosophy

Having trouble convincing students that the Humanities are important? Tired of hearing "when am I ever going to use this?" Not sure what careers are open to Humanities majors? Join us as for a conversation between Faculty and Advisors as we discuss these topics and more.

Inclusion at MSU Denver Starts with Me! 

Breakout Session 1, King Center 205

Gabe Christie, Instructional Accessibility Manager
Ione Priest, Accessibility Technology Manager

There's a lot of talk about ensuring MSU Denver is an inclusive university, but what does that mean? And how on Earth can a single, low-level employee do anything to make an impact with such a large goal? We'll tell you! In this session, we'll cover what inclusion means, and present some simple thin 

Introduction to Process Improvement: Operational Excellence

Breakout Session 1, King Center 203

Sarah Buller, Process Transformation Specialist

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by an inefficient process?  Want to improve workplace satisfaction?  If you've answered, "Yes", then this workshop is for you! Workshop participants will learn: - About process improvement culture and concepts - An overview of process improvement methodology

Looking Within: How Identity Informs Practice

Breakout Session 1, King Center 212

Brandi Scott, Associate Dean of Equity & Student Achievement
Sam Borrego, First Gen Initiatives Coordinator

This workshop will give participants the awesome opportunity to engage in a conversation about identity and how identity relates to our work with students. Deepening our understanding of identity will help support a positive campus climate and retention of students.  

MSU Denver's Anchor Mission: Our impact matters beyond the campus

Breakout Session 2, King Center 205

Elizabeth Parmelee, Director, Undergraduate Studies

This session will introduce the MSU community to the anchor mission concept and the impact of our collective actions beyond education. Outcomes are for participants to understand what an anchor institution is, why it matters, and how our individual actions can help us shape our impact beyond campus.

Opportunities for Fundraising and Engagement Domination- Creating Sustained Collaborations

Breakout Session 1, King Center 210

Lauren Koppel, Assistant Director of Scholarship Support & Retention
Brandi Rideout, Director of Alumni Relations
Breanna Milnes, Director of Annual Giving
Jasmine Villalobos, Alternative Break Program Leader

Purpose: Connect MSU Denver Department and Programs with fundraising opportunities provided by Alumni with Roadways' Alternative Break Program as a case study. Attendees will develop their own goals and identify collaborative strategies to put into practice.   

Retention Book Club: Improving Student Outcomes Through Faculty and Advisor Collaboration

Breakout Session 1, King Center 308

Courtney Rocheleau, Associate Professor & Advising Coordinator
Greg Singer, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist
Matt Forcella, Academic Advisior and Retention Specialist
Lisa Hagan, Professor & Human Development Advising Coordinator

Retention Book Club brings Faculty & Advisors together to further the idea that retention is everyone’s responsibility. We select a book, then meet to discuss how it shapes our collective efforts. Come learn about our advising structure & how to add creative collaboration into your retention plans.

Roadways Advising: Navigating Success

Breakout Session 1, King Center 305

Matthew Kring, Associate Director of Roadways Advising
Isaac Tubb, Roadways Advisor
Terry Paape, Roadways Advisor
Jessie Hendrixson, Roadways Advisor

Roadways Advising changed our process to adapt to the complex needs of our students. We will show how we re-shaped our system of advising and collaborated with institutional partners for improved support. We will collaboratively brainstorm how we can all work together for our students. 

Scholarship Applications: Tips and Tricks for Writing & Coaching Others

Breakout Session 2, King Center 210

Lauren Koppel, Assistant Director of Scholarship Support & Retention
Karisa Eberly, Coordinator of Scholarship, Leadership and Community Partnership
Thomas Hernandez, Scholarships

Attendees will learn about MSU Denver scholarships and tips on how to write a scholarship winning essay. During the session participants will receive materials that develop brainstorm and scholarship essay writing for either the MSU Denver General Scholarship Application or external scholarships. Participants will also identify resources to find MSU Denver and external scholarships.

Handouts: General Application Scholarship steps at MSU DenverScholarship Essay Worksheet, and Scholarship Essay Writing Resources at MSU Denver.

Shaping Career Success: Building links between campus employment and future careers 

Breakout Session 1, King Center 213

Rhonda Eaker, Director of Applied Learning Center
Bridgette Coble, Director of Career Services
Adrienne Martinez, Executive Director, Classroom to Career Initiatives

So what is the buzz about the new Classroom to Career (C2) Hub? This session will introduce the C2Hub and explore MSU Denver’s increased focus on student career success. Specific ideas for students and their supervisors for using campus employment as a career development tool will be presented.   

Unapologetically Me: Navigating Your Own and Others Authenticity 

Breakout Session 2, King Center 203

Kyla Hines, Assistant Director, LGBTQ Student Resource Center

In this interactive and relationship driven workshop we will explore identity and authenticity through the lens of cultural humility. Participants will dive deeper in to their own understanding of self, their interactions with others, and leave with tools for student facing professionals.

Presentation and handouts: Unapologetically Me: PowerPoint , Unapologetically Me: Authenticity Safety Plan , and Unapologetically Me: Cultural Humility 

What Does Inclusive Leadership Mean to Me and You?

Breakout Session 2, King Center 212

Bob Farmer, Affiliate Faculty, HEaT

This interactive session will focus on Inclusive Leadership and will explore: 1.) What is going well, 2.) Continuous Improvement Opportunities, and 3.) Recommendations on how Inclusive Leadership can improve our daily lives at MSU Denver.

When "Rain Man" goes to College: Understanding Support for Postsecondary Students with Autism

Breakout Session 2, King Center 215

Siva Priya Santhanam, Assistant Professor, Communication, Arts & Sciences

Students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are attending universities in increasing numbers. The goals of this presentation are two-fold:(1) to describe the neurological, social, and learning differences of young adults with ASD; (2) to share strategies with faculty to support students with ASD.

MSU Denver Talks allows you to hear about 3 topics in the span of one session! Each topic will be 15 minutes with a 5 minute Q&A. 

Breakout Session 1, King Center Recital Hall

Bringing FLOW into the Work Space with De-Stress Kits

Avion Ware, Student Employee in Accounting Services

As students we know all too well about stress, from making sure that we are on track to graduate to marking the right answer on an exam. However, I have noticed that there are no workshops or groups for the professors, faculty and staff whom experience just as much stress as we do during a semester.

Kick down those silos!

Amber Mozet, Coordinator of CESA & Special Projects

If there are silos between employee classifications, this MSU Denver Talk will work to break them down and bring us closer together.  Hear directly from a faculty member, administrator, classified staff and student employee about what a day in their life looks like.  

Making Humor a Priority in Workplace Culture

Brogan Boles, Outreach and Operations Project Manager in Roadways

Change has the power to disrupt even the most stable person, but it can also spawn creativity. This is the story of how a reorganization inspired the creation of the hit series, Administrators Bantering in Carts drinking Dazbog (ABCD) and became a reminder of how vital humor is to workplace culture.

Roundtables are 20-minute discussions that happen simultaneously that repeat 3 times within an hour. Presenters facilitate conversation amongst participants on a specific topic for 20 minutes, and then participants move to the next roundtable for a new discussion.

Breakout Session 2, King Center Dance Studio

Confident and motivated but not skilled: coaching students through goal-setting and action planning

Cynthia Dormer, Professor in Nutrition

We tested a classroom goal-setting activity. We found that students were motivated and confident but not skilled with goal setting. We will discuss what worked, didn't work, what we were surprised to find, how we think it's super important to teach about goal setting, and ideas for next time. 

Shape our University for Collective Bargaining

Susan Schelble, Professor in Chemistry
Renee Ruderman, Professor in English
Sheila Rucki, Professor in Political Science
Andrea Maestrejuan, Professor in History

Come and join a round table discussion about the value of a university union at a time when unions are distinctly unpopular. Let's talk!

The Affiliate and the University: Mental Health, Labor, and Scholarship

Timothy DeLay, Affiliate Faculty in Philosophy

This talk will examine recent trends related to affiliate faculty and, in particular, affects of affiliate-affiliate-heaven departments in the liberal arts in particular. We will examine data on hiring trends in conjunction with enrollment trends, psychological self-reports on mental health and poss

The Group Quiz: Part of a flipped classroom that brings surprising learning opportunities

Susan Schelble, Professor in Chemistry
Sean Vieau, Student

Flipped classroom activities, when carefully designed, can increase retention and lower DWF's. This talk will describe the journey to incorporate numerous activities into classrooms with 60-80 enrolled students. Serendipity led to providing 30% of quizzes in a group format. Results will be shown.

Using Backward Design & Varied Technologies to Enhance Online, Hybrid, and Face-to- Face Courses

Laylonda Maines, Adjucnt Faculty in Biology

By utilizing Backward Design coupled with a variety of tools like Intelligent Agents, Checklists, Articulate 360, Video Check in's and Lectures; this approach has allowed for better student productivity and engagement. Also, I was able to implement more creative and hands on practices.

Poster Presentations will be up in Main Street for the duration of the Conference. Presenter will be available during the lunch hour to answer any questions.


Roadways Scholarship Support & Retention Student Leadership Assessment

Lauren Koppel, Assistant Director of Scholarship Support in Roadways
Juan Calvo, Peer Advocate in Roadways
Cassandra Lamas Ortega, Peer Advocate in Roadways

This poster will demonstrate what leadership skills scholars develop through Roadways Scholarship Support & Retention and how those skills are developed. Outcomes: The poster will overview theories of student leadership. The poster will map out leadership development amongst scholars.

Utilizing Academic Student Leaders to Improve Student Retention

Taylor Hase, Supplemental Instruction Specialist in Roadways
Jonah Maggard, Supplemental Instruction Leader in Roadways
Tana Ridgeway, Observation Coach in Roadways

MSU Denver students show increased performance and retention when attending Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions. Learn about the correlation between attendance and course grades for students participating in SI's free and focused group study sessions, led by student employee SI Leaders.

Stop by after the conference for the second annual Minute to Win It (King Center Recital Hall) and Social Hour at the Tivoli Brewery Taphouse!

Minute to Win It & FREE Drawing (4–5 p.m.)

Participate or cheer on your fellow colleagues at Minute to Win It, hosted by Amber Mozet, Coordinator of CESA (Center for Equity and Student Achievement) & Special Projects. Using household (or in our case campus) items, can you complete the challenge in under a minute? Here are some examples of MTWI games. Participants will earn prizes, win or lose.

Audience members can win prizes too! Just by showing up, you can enter a FREE drawing to win Rockies tickets, campus parking, drinks at Tivoli Brewery, pizza from iPie, and gift cards to Tivoli Station (bookstore), Blackboard Eats and Starbucks.

Social Hour (5 p.m.)

Join us at your campus brewery in the Tivoli for some socialization and libations. MSU Denver employees can enjoy 20% off food. Show your Auraria Parking voucher (from today) for 2-for-1 specials on any draft beer.

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