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Session Descriptions

Workshop – 60 minute presentation in a classroom setting where presenters may opt to deliver information in lecture style, through audience participation and small group activities, etc. Projectors available.  

Roundtable – 20 minute discussions (3 happening simultaneously) that repeat 3 times within an hour. Presenters facilitate conversation amongst participants on a specific topic for 20 minutes, and then participants move to the next roundtable for a new discussion. Presenters must be available to facilitate their roundtable three times within the hour. Limited technology.  

MSU Denver Talk – 15 minute lecture style presentation in the King Center Concert Hall. Projector available.

Poster Session – 60 minute session over the lunch hour where presenters must be available to engage attendees in their material, answer questions, etc. Presenter must supply poster and any materials.


As you’re thinking about session topics, what are the ways you support and nurture the following:

  • Students – how do we ensure they retain, learn, and succeed?
  • Coworkers- how do we create healthy working environments, offer safe spaces to try and fail, etc.?
  • Ourselves- how do we care for ourselves and ensure we can contribute and be an active participant?
  • How do we encourage positive support in our environment?
  • Denver area- how do we work with high schools, businesses, non-profits, etc.?

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