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Andrew Bonham, Ph.D.

President of the Council of Chairs and Directors

Formal portrait of Andrew Bonham, Ph.D.


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Full-Time Staff

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Andrew J. Bonham, Ph.D., serves as the chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and is the president of the Council of Chairs and Directors. He is dedicated to scholarly teaching and is an enthusiastic educator who has presented at local and national venues on creating engagement in the classroom.

Bonham also leads a team of student researchers focused on building electrical sensors that use DNA as a probe to bind to and accurately identify a range of target molecules. This work with undergraduates has been published in journals as prestigious as Chemical Communications and Science Translational Medicine. Their goal is to contribute to the development of faster and less-invasive medical diagnostics.   

Beyond his roles in the classroom and research lab, Bonham is an avid computer programmer and video gamer who experienced firsthand the educational transformation as computers and technology entered the classroom. He believes that this perspective helps him relate to today‚Äôs college students, and he integrates computation and games into his teaching whenever possible.

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