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Native American Studies

The Native American Studies program was developed to provide an area of study that is inclusive of an indigenous perspective.  The program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Native Americans with specific focus in history, culture, politics, and other issues. Courses in Native American Studies may be taken to satisfy the requirements for a minor, or to meet the needs of the student’s educational interests.  Many of the courses also fulfill a multicultural requirement.

Detailed Requirements for the Native American Studies Minor

An Ideal Complement to Any Major

Students seeking a Minor in Native American Studies at MSU Denver complete 21 semester hours (7 courses) in the Department of Political Science. The minor provides an ideal complement to a variety of majors, from those seeking a greater cultural competence, to majors in fields devoted to dealing with issues especially prevalent in Native American communities, and any student seeking to understand the historic and contemporary state of Native American peoples. 

Sample Classes 

  • Introduction to Native American Studies
  • Native American Politics
  • Native American Law
  • Archaeology of North American
  • Ancient American Civilizations
  • Multiculturalism and American Art
  • Native American History
  • Land Use, Culture and Conflict



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