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Legal Studies Minor

The rule of law is a concept vital to any understanding of the world in which we live. The Legal Studies Minor is thus intended to meet the needs of all students who have an interest in the subject, regardless of their major, as well as serving the interests of students who have plans to attend law school after graduation. In that regard, the minor offers a variety of perspectives on the laws that help illuminate the principles, practices, and policies associated with the subject to the benefit of all students in general, as well as future practitioners.

Students should note that while many of the courses in the minor have only General Studies prerequisites or can be taken with the permission of the instructor, there are several with more specific requirements. For example, MGT 3230 has a prerequisite of MGT 2210 and both courses are designated electives in the minor. Students should keep this in mind and discuss options with the coordinator of the minor in the Political Science Department so that they move toward graduation in a timely manner.

Detailed Requirements for the Legal Studies Minor


An Ideal Complement to Any Major

Students seeking a Minor in Legal Studies at MSU Denver complete 21 semester hours (7 courses) which are offered by the Political Science and other partner Departments. The minor is an exceptional choice for those interested in law school.  It also provides an ideal complement to a variety of majors, from those in STEM fields seeking to understand the laws affect their innovations, to art and humanities majors desiring to further explore public interests, to social science majors with an interest in applying their knowledge in the public sphere, and business majors seeking to understand the impact of regulatory laws on the bottom line.

It's Possible Here...

Here are just a few law schools in which our recent graduates have enrolled:

  • University of Denver School of Law
  • University of Colorado School of Law
  • American University School of Law, Washington, C.
  • Fordam University School of Law, New York
  • Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, MO

Sample Classes

  • Philosophy of Law
  • American Constitutional Law
  • Law and Society
  • International Law
  • American Judicial System
  • Criminal Law
  • Federal Indian Law
  • Women and the Law
  • International Business Law
  • Sociology of Law


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