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Leadership Studies Minor

Leadership is a subject of vital importance.  It is a topic that cuts across time and place, as well as traditional disciplinary boundaries.  As such, leadership is extremely relevant in a broad range of contexts from local and global politics to business, ethics, and education.  This minor offers students a conceptual understanding of leadership studies that, when combined with co-curricular and experiential components, provides them with an increased awareness of their role in a world of multi-layered change.

Detailed Requirements for the Leadership Minor

An Ideal Complement to Any Major

Students seeking a Minor in Leadership Studies at MSU Denver complete 21 semester hours (7 courses) of course work offered from the Department of Political Science and our partner disciplines. The minor provides an ideal complement to a variety of majors, from those in STEM fields seeking to careers as leaders of teams working on innovative technologies, to art and humanities majors desiring to further explore public interests, to social science majors with an interest in applying their knowledge in the public and private spheres, and business majors who recognize the vital aspect of leadership in socially responsible businesses. 

Sample Classes

  • Leadership and Social Change
  • Leadership Studies
  • The American Presidency
  • Social Change
  • On Leaders and Leadership
  • Social Movements and the Black Experience
  • Native American Politics
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Small Group Dynamics


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