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Public Affairs and Administration Minor

Public Affairs Administration Minor

The Public Affairs Administration (PAA) minor offered by the Department of Political Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver is designed to help students acquire knowledge and develop skills necessary for a career in public affairs. By recognizing the intersection between public management and policy, the demand for analytic skill sets and a knowledge base that can meet the flexible and evolving nature of public service, the minor offers students a range of courses that link theory and practice in the development and implementation of public policy in a wide range of public affairs contexts.

The courses are intended for students who plan a career in public policy and service in local, state or federal governments, policy-oriented non-governmental organization, or those already employed in these sectors. This minor also provides a solid foundation for graduate studies in public affairs, public administration and public policy. . The Department of Political Science offers a certificate in Public Affairs & Administration.

A governmental internship is recommended of all students for a minimum of three semester hours. This requirement may be waived for students with at least one calendar year of administrative work experience in a government agency. Students who have had at least one year of governmental administrative experience may substitute one course under Section II for the internship.

It is recommended that Public Affairs and Administration minors also take a course in both public speaking and technical writing.

Please see the College Catalog for detailed Core Requirements and Electives for the Minor.

Pulblic Affairs & Administration Minor


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