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Presidential Authority Over Personnel Matters

Human Resources

PDF Version: BOT Presidential Authority Personnel Policy


  1. Introduction
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Policy Statement
  4. Policy History

I. Introduction

  1. Authority: C.R.S. § 23-54-102, et seq. (2018) authorizes the Trustees of Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) to establish rules and regulations to govern and operate the University and its programs. The Trustees retain authority to approve, interpret, and administer policies pertaining to University governance. The Trustees authorize the President of MSU Denver to approve, administer, and interpret policies pertaining to University operations.

  2. Purpose: This policy states which personnel matters are retained by the Board of Trustees or delegated to the President.

  3. Scope: This policy applies to the University Trustees and President.

II. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible Executive: President

  2. Responsible Administrator: President

  3. Responsible Office: President's Office

  4. Policy Contact: President's Office, 303-615-0060

III. Policy Statement 

  1. Retained Powers

    1. For the purposes of this policy, “professional personnel” means professional personnel as defined in the Handbook for Professional Personnel, the Faculty Handbook, and the Staff Handbook, and includes all personnel offered employment or employed as probationary faculty members, tenured faculty members, administrative personnel, administrative/regular personnel and temporary personnel.

    2. The Board retains the following personnel powers:

      1. All powers relating to the appointment, employment, compensation, evaluation and termination of the President.
      2. The power to award or deny tenure to the President, and all newly appointed or currently employed professional personnel recommended for tenure by the President.
      3. The power to appoint and/or enter into initial employment contracts with all non-temporary faculty members and administrative personnel. The President is authorized to execute such contracts on the Board’s behalf; however, no appointments or initial employment contracts shall be binding or effective unless and until approved by the Board.
      4. The power to authorize a reduction in force for one or more of the reasons listed in the Board policy on Reductions in Force.
      5. The power to dispose of complaints or grievances as may be appealed to the Board under the procedures established under applicable Handbook and Board policies.
      6. The power to confer emeritus status on retiring professional personnel.
      7. The power to award honorary degrees and make other awards to persons outside the University.
      8. The power to grant sabbatical leaves.

  2. Delegated Powers

    Except as specifically set forth above, the Board of Trustees delegates any other powers and/or duties over professional personnel matters to the President of the University.

  3. Sub-delegation

    As may be authorized by applicable Handbook, other Board policies, or by Presidential directive, the personnel powers delegated to the University President by this policy may be sub-delegated to subordinate officers or employees of the University.

  4. Reporting and Accountability

    At each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board, the President shall report as informational items all personnel actions occurring since the preceding regularly scheduled Board meeting on standardized personnel forms approved by the President.

IV. Policy History

  1. Effective: March 1, 2019

  2. Revised: This policy supersedes section 3.6 of the MSCD Trustees Manual, 2007.

  3. Review: This policy will be reviewed every five years or as deemed necessary by University leadership.

  4. Approved by: Board of Trustees on February 8, 2019

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