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Military Leave for Students on Active or Inactive Duty




Authority: Provost

Purpose: This policy states the rights and responsibilities of students who must take a leave of absence from the University due to being called to active or inactive duty in the military or national guard.

Applies to: Students

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible Executive: Associate Vice President for Enrollment

Responsible Administrator: Registrar

Responsible Office: Registrar's Office

Policy Contact: Registrar's Office, 303-556-3991

Policy Statement

Members of the State or National Guard, Reserve, or active United States Military, who are called to active or inactive duty (e.g. drill, annual training) will not be academically penalized for that service. When a military student is notified that s/he has been called to duty, the student must notify all instructors and Veterans Education Benefits.

Students activated may have different options, depending on the time of semester the student is called to duty and length of duty. In consultation with their faculty, options may include:

  • Completion of any missed work without penalty to their grade provided that satisfactory academic progress is being made,
  • Drop,
  • Withdrawal,
  • Administrative Withdrawal,
  • Incomplete.


The student is required to present proof of training schedule, official orders or letter from the service member’s unit to Veterans Education Benefits, which will then contact each instructor and obtain the requirements for course completion. The requirements will be sent to the student and kept on file.

Policy History

Effective: 2014


Source: University Catalog,

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