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Computing Grade Point Average/Quality Points

Academics and Research



Authority: President

Purpose: This policy defines the formula for calculating a student's grade point average (GPA). The policy lists notations that do not affect a student's GPA.

Applies to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible Executive: Vice President for Student Affairs

Responsible Administrator: Registrar

Responsible Office: Registrar's Office

Policy Contact: Registrar's Office, 303-556-3991

Policy Statement

The number of quality points awarded for a course is determined by multiplying the number of semester hours for that course by the quality point value of the grade received. The cumulative GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points by the number of semester hours attempted.

To be eligible for a degree, a candidate must have a minimum number of quality points equal to twice the number of semester hours attempted in addition to meeting other prescribed requirements. The following notations have no effect on the GPA: AP, AU, AW, CC, CL, EX, I, NR, P, PL, PP, S, S#, SA, SE, SN, U#, W.

Policy History

Source: University Catalog,

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