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College Opportunity Fund (COF)




Authority: Provost

Purpose: This policy requires in-state, undergraduate students to apply for the College Opportunity Fund to authorize payment of the State of Colorado's portion of the student's tuition to Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Applies to: In-state, Undergraduate Students

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible Executive: Associate Vice President for Enrollment

Responsible Administrator: Registrar

Responsible Office: Registrar's Office

Policy Contact: Registrar's Office, 303-556-3991

Policy Statement

Every eligible Colorado resident who will be a student must apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) in order to authorize payment of the state’s contribution toward tuition at any public college or university in the State of Colorado, including Metropolitan State University of Denver. These funds, called “stipends,” will be applied to a student’s college account each semester and are available for up to 145 credit hours of college-level, undergraduate study. The actual value of the stipend will be determined by the Colorado Legislature each year. Students who do not apply for and/or authorize COF will not be eligible for the stipend and will be responsible for paying the total in-state tuition--both the student’s share and the state’s share.


In-state, undergraduate students will be eligible for the stipend, up to 145 credit hours of college-level, undergraduate study, regardless of age, income, or financial aid status. If a student goes over his or her 145-lifetime-credit hour cap, the student may apply for a one-time, one year waiver of up to 30 credits. All waiver requests must have an advisor’s signature and must include a personal statement demonstrating substantial economic hardship, as well as an explanation as to why more than 145 credits is needed to obtain the degree.


Students must apply online for the stipend at (select College Opportunity Fund). Students must authorize the use of the stipend each semester during registration. The COF application requires students to submit their legal name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and Driver’s License Number only once in a student’s lifetime. The application must be completed before the stipend can be credited to a student’s tuition and fee bill.

Policy History


Revised: November 2016, Office of the Registrar

Source: University Catalog,

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