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Children in Classrooms and Workplaces

Employees, Students



Authority: Provost

Purpose: This policy prohibits students and employees from routinely bringing children to class or work.

Applies to: Employees, Students

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible Executive: Provost

Responsible Administrator: Deputy Provost

Responsible Office: Provost's Office

Policy Contact: Provost's Office, 303-615-1900

Policy Statement

Metropolitan State University of Denver has an obligation to its students, faculty, staff, and visitors to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission as an institution of higher education. For reasons that include safety of children, and assuring professional and efficient performance of academic pursuits and campus operations, the University cannot routinely accommodate children in campus workplaces or classrooms.

Presence in classrooms is restricted to enrolled students or visitors with a legitimate purpose, who may be adults or minors. Instructors of record are responsible for ensuring that individuals who attend their classes are properly enrolled or have been invited for the purpose of making special announcements, guest lecturing, or other authorized reasons. Instructors have the responsibility to ensure that the classroom is conducive to student learning and may address disruptive or distracting situations as appropriate.

Instructors have the discretion to make infrequent exceptions due to temporary, unforeseen emergencies. In these cases, children must remain in the classroom and are not allowed to sit in the hallway or be unsupervised in any location on campus. Regular repeated visits by children or others without a legitimate purpose are not permitted. Unless properly supervised, and with pre-approval, children are not permitted in labs, shops, construction/repair sites, or other areas where potential hazards exist. Children brought on campus must be directly supervised at all times by their parent or guardian. Leaving children unattended is a violation of the MSU Denver Student Code of Conduct.


  1. Children: Minors under the age of 18.
  2. Minors Enrolled as Students: Enrolled students under the age of 18 have the rights and privileges of any other student in the classroom and on campus grounds.

Policy History



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