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The Department of Physics at the Metropolitan State University of Denver offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Bachelor of Arts in Physics, and a minor in physics.   We also offer a Bachelor of Arts in Physics with Science Licensure. We offer introductory courses designed for both STEM majors as well as for the enrichment of non-science majors, including introductory physics, astronomy, and cosmology.  We prepare our physics majors for graduate study in a wide range of disciplines including physics, astronomy, engineering, and science education, and for successful employment in technologically oriented industries. Our faculty are outstanding classroom teachers, bringing rigorous coursework, laboratory experience, advising and mentoring to our students. They maintain professional currency and engage in scholarly activities through involve­ment in undergraduate research, per­sonalized professional development programs, and projects associated with teaching and learning. We seek to increase the science literacy of the Denver community through science outreach and an increasingly strong role in the education of future teachers.


The Physics Department offers course work leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

  • Students who want to attend graduate school are encouraged to pursue the Bachelor of Science.
  • Students who want to teach Physics are encouraged to pursue the Bachelor of Arts.

Not sure if you want to work, teach or attend graduate school after graduation? Consult with the Physics Department to determine which degree to pursue.

The Physics Department also offers a minor in physics and several Astronomy courses.

Physics Bachelor of Science

Undergraduates preparing for graduate study in physics should pursue the Bachelor of Science in physics.

There are three possible tracks in the BS program:

  1. Astrophysics Track
  2. Applied Physics Track
  3. Fundamentals of Physics Track

Physics Bachelor of Arts

Undergraduates preparing to teach at the pre-collegiate level should obtain the Bachelor of Arts in physics.

Learn more about the Physics, B.S. and the Physics, B.A. program requirements by visiting the MSU Denver Catalog. 

Physics Minor

Physics utilizes practical math to make predictions about the natural world.  A minor in physics cements the experimental expertise that scientists require and provides a strong basis for understanding how science is applied in society.

Learn more about the Physics minor requirements by visiting the MSU Denver Catalog. 

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