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What is Physics?

What is Physics?

Physics is the study of nature and how it works. Questions in physics cover many scales, from cosmological (the Big Bang) to the very small (what makes up an atom), and from the very fast (special relativity) to the very cold (Bose-Einstein condensates). Instead of categorizing such phenomena, physics attempts to conceptualize and determine the underlying natural principles. For example, Einstein discovered that mass and energy are equivalent in his famous equation E = mc2.

On a more practical level, these fundamental principles are the driving forces that inspire new technologies. Almost all modern machines, electronics, computers, optical instruments, telecommunications devices, space travel, stock market predictions, and medical technologies have been invented by either physicists or individuals who knew the basic tenets and research principles of physics. The opportunity to use and help drive this knowledge and these applications is what motivates physicists around the world.


MSU Denver Physics Department

MSU Denver Physics

The Physics Department offers course work leading to a Bachelor of Science and to a Bachelor of Arts degree. A minor in physics is also offered. Undergraduates preparing for graduate study in physics should pursue the Bachelor of Science in physics. Undergraduates preparing to teach at the pre-collegiate level should obtain the Bachelor of Arts in physics. Those undergraduates preparing to work in industry or considering graduate work in engineering should consult with the Physics Department to determine which degree to pursue. The Physics Department is taught jointly by the faculties of MSU Denver and the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center. MSU Denver students will receive instruction from the faculty of both institutions.

The Physics Department also offers courses in astronomy, which are designed primarily as general
interest courses.

Tutoring available at no charge for students who are currently enrolled in upper and lower division physics classes.  All tutoring times listed below are located in the MSUD Physics Department tutoring room, Plaza 262Q.


  •        Mondays 8am-10am with Megan
  •        Mondays 10am-noon with Keegan
  •        Tuesdays 8am-10am with Megan
  •        Tuesdays noon-2pm with Keegan
  •        Wednesdays 10am-noon with Megan
  •        Wednesdays noon-2pm with Keegan
  •        Thursdays 8am-10am with Megan
  •        Thursdays noon-2pm with Keegan 
  •        Fridays by appointment

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