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Course Rotation Schedule


Infrequently offered course rotation schedule
Table shows which upper-division Physics courses are offered each semester from Fall 2019 to Spring 2022
   Fall 2019    Spring 2020    Fall 2020    Spring 2021    Fall 2021    Spring 2022  
Astrophysics       Yes    
General Relativity     Yes      
Astronomy Techniques   Yes       Yes
Solid State Yes       Yes  
Optics       Yes    
Subatomic   Yes       Yes
Atomic and Molecular     Yes      
E&M II   Yes       Yes
Planetary Yes       Yes  











































Some of our courses are not offered every term.
Above is a list for which semester of the year a course is offered.
*INFREQUENT (noted in far right column) is a class that may or may not be offered every year.








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