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Mimi Hackley

Mimi Hackley joined Sharkley, Howes & Javer, Inc., in 1998 and was licensed as a Certified Financial Planner ™ professional in March of 2000. Mimi is our Director of Financial Planning and works to ensure that our financial plans incorporate cutting-edge financial planning principles and the most recent changes to the laws including taxes and estate planning, etc.

Perceptively addressing our client's goal and aspiration, Mimi is committed to providing a customized and thorough financial analysis with written recommendations that make it easier for the clients to meet their goals. This includes presenting an investment strategy that is specifically tailored to meet the objectives of our clients' unique financial plan.

As an active member of the Financial Planning Association of Colorado for the past eight years, and past President and Chairman of the Board, Mimi strives to educate the public about the financial planning process and the benefits of working with Certified Financial Planners™. Mimi enjoys public speaking and working with the media and is frequently seen addressing financial planning issues in our local and national media including
9 News, 7 News, Real Simple Magazine, and The Rocky Mountain News.

Prior to joining Sharkey, Howes & Javer, Inc., Mimi earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California at Irvine and her Masters degree in Public Health form San Diego State University. Until entering the field of financial planning, Mimi worked in the public health sector directing a national registry and managing national multi-center clinical trials. Her experience in the field of Public Health has enabled Mimi to better understand the many facets of retirement and health planning.

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