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Please work with the Office of Financial Aid for eligibility requirements for the Perkins Loan.

Make sure that you have taken the online exam that must be completed by all first time borrowers. You can always call our office at (303) 556-2913 to find out if there is additional paperwork needed.

Unless you have made prior arrangements with our office, paying over your minimum monthly payment will be applied to a single month. Any amount overpaid will be applied to your principle balance.

This can be done one of several ways. You can either call our office directly, change it with Metropolitan State University of Denver or via the internet at

You will be notified via mail shortly before you enter into repayment. Once you go into repayment, you will be sent out monthly billing statements. All you need to do is detach the payment stub from your statement and mail it in. Payments can also be made over the phone to our office at 303-556-2913. You may also register your account at to have the money withdrawn directly from your checking account or to pay using a credit card. Remember any payment you make over your minimum monthly payment will go towards principle.


You may go to to see your account anytime. This will allow you to set up automatic payments and get up to date information regarding your account anytime.

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