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Scholarships and Endowments


Temple Initiative

The Wesley and Ethel Temple Initiative is to support water, and people, in Colorado.

 This initiative is created to honor Wes and Ethel Temple, who grew up in the Wheat Ridge area, where they both graduated from WH High School in 1912. They were married in Denver, and always lived close to Martin Temple, Wes' brother, and his wife Helen, Ethel's sister. Wes and Ethel raised two girls, Leona and Barbara, and were actively engaged in their community, their church, and loved spending time with family in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, and with relatives at the lakes of Minnesota.

Wes had a variety of jobs in his life, including running the Temple Ink Company, who sold printers ink to the Denver Post, and raising silver foxes with his brother in Evergreen. Ethel went on to the Teacher's College in Greeley after high school, but they both believed in education, and worked to send both of their daughters to college, Leona to CU-Boulder and Barbara to Stephen's College in Missouri. 

This initiative will provide assistance to Metropolitan State University of Denver student participating in undergraduate research. It has been created by Paul and Pam Lander to honor Paul's maternal grandparents. 


Ed Krisor Endowment

Distributions from the Fund shall be used to support the undergraduate research in urban hydrology, management of storm runoff and creation of sound governmental institutions, interpreted broadly, but with particular focus on developing and improving urban drainage design criteria and water management policy to benefit the citizens of the Denver Metro area and those of Colorado. 

Edward Krisor is a distinguished attorney who has done much to champion the cause of sound urban drainage practices in the Denver Metro area. He has done so since 1970 through his role as co-counsel and counsel for the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and as counsel for the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority.  Mr. Krisor has set a high a standard of representation relating to the practical and legal aspects of urban storm drainage hydrology and wise urban development through sound legal advice and written opinion. 

Edward Krisor has also served local governments in the Grand Junction area in regard to potential ramifications of stormwater activities.  He has regularly provided assistance to cities and counties on the development of drainage master plans.

 Edward Krisor has long served the public in regard to health, safety and welfare.  He has a keen instinct and interest in urban storm drainage, urban runoff hydraulics, floodplains, drainage policy and management, drainage design criteria and engineering research on urban hydrology issues.  Mr. Krisor is a strong advocate for urban riparian corridor maintenance and associated riverine study and research.



Humpback Chub Scholarship

Scholarship Qualifications:
- Minimum of 3.0 GPA
- Student must be planning a career (or major volunteer work) focused on environmental sustainability and stewardship
- Preference given to students who have taken at least one water studies course
- Preference given to students who have already shown involvement in environmental work either via paid or volunteer positions

Essay topic: Please describe your educational and career goals as they relate to stewardship of the earth and environmental sustainability. Essay should be approximately 500 words and should be typed and double-spaced.

The Humpback Chub Scholarship was established in memory of Ruth Richtman Podmore and Steve Arrowsmith.

Both Ruth Podmore and Steve Arrowsmith were avid rafters and loved life on the river. In the 1980s, Steve Arrowsmith founded a small river rafting company on the Dolores River of Colorado named the Humpback Chub after an endangered Colorado River fish. Steve passed away unexpectedly in 1992 and, while the Humpback Chub as a company no longer existed, the Podmores and their friends kept up the commitment to rafting and the rivers. Shortly after running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in the summer of 2013, Ruth was diagnosed with cancer and passed on February 28, 2014.

Ruth Richtman Podmore had a deep respect for the natural world, and spent 32 years with her soul mate, Mike Podmore. They spent many of those years sleeping under the stars lulled by the sound of rushing rivers. Ruth’s love of teaching and the natural world was shared with her family and classroom students in Monteverde Friends School in Costa Rica, the Mount Sopris Montessori School, Sopris Elementary and Glenwood Springs Elementary Schools in Colorado. Ruth and Mike lived in a 100-year-old cabin on the banks of Three Mile Creek, and she passed away in the same part of the cabin where she gave birth to their daughter, Mollie.

Steve Arrowsmith grew up in West Virginia, but found his passion for the West on a Grand Canyon trip when he was fourteen. Steve later started a river guiding career with the American River Touring Association in California, and learned key aspects of the lifestyle – don’t be indecisive on a Class V rapid, don’t burn your Dutch oven desserts, and always bring along your guitar. Steve got involved in river conservation issues during his time at the University of Colorado, and then started his own commercial rafting operation – Humpback Chub River Tours out of Dolores, Colorado. He was passionate about educating others about environmental issues, and had a strong interest in helping special populations and individuals who otherwise would not have been able to afford a river rafting experience on his beloved rivers. In 1992, Steve passed after a lifelong struggle with asthma – he was only 30 years old.

This scholarship is in memory of both Steve and Ruth, and their love of the rivers of this world.



MillerCoors Endowed Water Steward Fellowship

The MillerCoors Endowed Water Steward Fellowship will specifically support MSU Denver students who are pursuing capstone projects in water stewardship, with an emphasis on partnerships with water stewardship professionals. This focus will deepen the One World One Water (OWOW) Center's work to educate current and future leaders about this critical natural resource. 

MillerCoors and the OWOW Center share many of the same values and goals. MillerCoors is well noted for its environmental stewardship, and in a recent public statement the Leadership Team noted that "we need high-quality water to maintain the exceptional quality of our beer. We are focused on conserving and improving water resources at every link along our value chain. We work with barley growers to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation, look for opportunities to reduce water use in our breweries, and help local communities understand the importance of water quality and conservation."

MillerCoors won the prestigious 2013 U.S. Water Prize from the U.S. Water Alliance - which recognized the company's "innovative and comprehensive strategies to protect and conserve water throughout its life cycle." In making the funding award, Gloria Schoch, Community Commerce and Partnerships Manager at MillerCoors, added, "We share the OWOW Center's mission of inspiring and preparing the next generation of water conservation leaders through experiential learning opportunities. MillerCoors is committed to conserving and improving water resources in Colorado and across the country in the communities where we operate." 

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