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Colorado, Water, Field, Conference, 2106‌‌‌
Water Diplomats
October 7, 2015
In November, students from across Colorado came to MSU Denver to attend the first Water Diplomat Field Conference.
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The Big Picture
The Big Picture

June 23, 2015
Under the direction of Marilyn Hetzel, eleven students produced and performed an ensemble that taught 6th graders about Colorado's water supply, and water conservation and stewardship.
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San Luis Valley 2015
New Perspective

June 11, 2015
Twelve MSU Denver students and three faculty travel to Colorado's San Luis Valley to experience the region's unique history and water policy.
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Joseph Carroll
Ripple Effect

March 19, 2015
Find out how Joseph Carroll's love for the outdoors evolved into water quality control and a a passion to educate kids.
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