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Italy Study Abroad Class

Global Perspectives on Water Management: The Case of Perugia, Italy


 Study Abroad



COURSE DESCRIPTION: There are four goals for the course: First, provide opportunities for students to better understand the geography, climate and history of the Perugia, Italy and Umbria region in the context of water resources. Second, students will become aware of water use challenges in the Perugia region, particularly as it relates to urban and irrigation needs while balancing environmental protection. Third, students will become more knowledgeable of water-related historical and cultural issues in the Perugia region. Finally, students will take concepts learned in the Perugia area and relate them to water stewardship ideas for use in Colorado.

Learning Goals:

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1. Identify and discuss the geography and climate of Perugia, Italy, and the region.

2. Identify and discuss key watershed components, issues and challenges of central Italy.

3. Identify key components, issues and challenges of the State Water Plan for Colorado.

4. Investigate a precise water resources problem of the Perugia region.

5. Assess how the host country experience contributed to personal growth and awareness of self as a member of the global community.

Readings will include: Colorado Water Conservation Board, “State Water Plan,”

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