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The following is a list compiled from Metropolitan State University of Denver faculty conducting water related research. Is this list missing anything? Let us know! Please contact Tom Cech at or Nona Shipman at

Department of Biology

Dr. Christy Carello

Town of Breckenridge grant to research wetlands within the community.

Dr. Rebecca Ferrell

Lindbergh Foundation grant to research the impact of human waste on regional ecosystems.


Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 

Dr. Andrew Evans, Dr. Jason Janke & Dr. Antonio Bellisario

Geochemical analysis of rock glaciers – An assessment of water quality being discharged through melting ice contained in rock glaciers.  How will increased solutes affect our alpine lakes and reservoirs?

Dr. Jason Janke & Dr. Antonio Bellisario

Rock Glacier Mapping in Chile – ESRI and PCI Geomatics grant using GIS and remote sensing to identify rock glaciers, an important water resource in the arid Andes.

Dr. Uwe Kackstaetter

Analyzing the geochemistry of hot springs near Manitou Springs, CO.

Dr. Gabrielle Katz

How flood control downstream of dams affects plant structure and composition and how groundwater pumping and hydrologic restoration affect streamside plant communities.  Article: Bridging troubled Waters (Dr. Gabrielle Katz sheds light on impact of 2013 Colorado floods).

Dr. Keah Schuenemann

Research Greenland’s weather patterns and the resulting precipitation, which directly relates to the mass balance of the ice sheet, and therefore, sea level rise.  

Sarah Schliemann

Currently working on three projects. 1) Investigating carbon cycling in the alpine ecosystem in Rocky Mountain National Park. 2) Assessing water quality in the South Platte River as it flows through the metro area. 3) Working with faculty from the School of Education to assess K-12 teacher attitudes about writing in science.

Dr. Stella Todd

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) fee-for-service surveying and mapping work.


Department of Psychology

Dr. Chad Mortensen

Studying the effectiveness of communicating social norms in encouraging water conservation behavior.


Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. David V. Hill

Expert Witness for the Pueblo of Acoma, State of New Mexico (State Engineers Office) vs. Kerr-McGee, Use of the Rio San Jose valley as part of the traditional Acoma landscape.


Extended Campus Programs 

Carol Svendsen, Associate Vice-President

BLM grant through Colorado Department of Higher Education to developing curriculum and courses for surveying and mapping.

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