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One World One Water Events

The following are some events you may be interested in. For the most up to date event announcements, follow the One World One Water Center on Facebook and Twitter.  ‌



Study Abroad In Perugia, Italy

November 17-23, 2018

The study abroad class this last June waas such a successs that we have decided to offer it again! There are three goals for the course: First, provide opportunities for students to better understand the geography, climate and history of the Perugia/Umbria region of southern Tuscany in Italy - in the context of water resources. Second, students will become aware of water use challenges in the Perugia area particularly as it relates to urban and irrigation needs while balancing environmental protection. Third, students will take concepts learned in the Perugia and relate them to water stewardship ideas for use in Colorado.


Annual Event:

Denver Metro Water Festival Umbrella

‌Denver Metro Water Festival
‌In partnership with Denver Water and Suburban Providers of Denver Water, the OWOW Center hosts the Denver Metro Water Festival every May. This event invites 6th grade classes to attend a variety of fun and educational water presentations. If you would like to be a presenter, volunteer or would like more general information go to:

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