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One World One Water Center Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was formed during the planning stages of the One World One Water Center to help guide the Center to a successful beginning and so forth. The Council consists of water community members located across the state of Colorado and from different backgrounds to allow for the most comprehensive brainstorming sessions. The Council duties include:

  • Working to create relevance, vision, and connection within the water community
  • Serving as ambassadors for the OWOW Center in the community and around the state
  • Providing recommendations for current and future projects, programs, and services to encourage success of the water studies program
  • Actively participate in Advisory Council activities
  • Reviewing and assessing specific programs
  • Evaluating the organizations as a whole, and providing constructive recommendations for improvement
  • Gathering input from or serving as a liaison with key constituencies
  • Providing technical expertise
  • Providing an independent, unbiased sounding board for brainstorming, creating new ventures, or identifying institutional strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities
  • Assisting with future fundraising efforts as member time permits
  • Providing short- and long-range budget and program planning recommendations 


Current Advisory Council Members:


Jesse Altum
Denver Police Department

  Amy Beatie
  Barbara Biggs
  Peter Binney
Merrick & Company
  Rob Buirgy
Buirgy Consulting, Inc.

Hope Dalton
MSU Denver

  John Echohawk
Native American Rights Fund
  Jorge Figueroa
Americas for Conservation
  Elizabeth Gardener
  Barbara Green
Sullivan Green Seavy, LLC

Gregory Hobbs Jr.
University of Denver


Frank Kinder
Northern Water

  James Kircher
  Paul Lander
University of Colorado
  Dan Luecke
  Cari Maciolek
American Water Works Association 
  Jayla Poppleton
Water Education Colorado
  Adams Price
Rotary Club of Denver
  Ben Wade
Colorado Water Conservation Board
  Reagan Waskom
Colorado Water Institute
Colorado State University
  Kenneth Wright
Wright Water Engineers, Inc.